Under the project called Living Heart, Dassault Systèmes has created a model virtual in 3D of a heart human. A simulation that will allow the study of the diseases cardiovascular and the customization of the treatments.

Dassault Systèmes a comprehensive model of human heart made with virtual simulation in 3D has developed. A project made under the denomination Living Heart and of which form part a team multidisciplinary of experts that seek combat them diseases cardiovascular, helping to define them future diagnoses and treatments of them conditions heart.

Living Heart Center is a 3D model of the human heart with virtual simulation of the 3D of Dassault Systèmes platform applications. The project is connecting many of the leading experts in modeling and simulation of cardiovascular, to solve the most complex challenges using the capabilities of the Simulia application that has enabled to develop a complete 3D model of this body, capturing their electrical and mechanical behavior in the most realistic and vivid way.

Currently, the lack of realistic 3D human models limits the ability of the researchers to predict the behavior of devices in people. It project Living Heart has attracted to a community multidisciplinary of researchers medical, professional health, manufacturers of devices and regulators of the industry, that will have access to models computer 3D to accelerate the transformation of the research in products and services for the market.

Using an Echocardiogram, images of scanner MRI and CT, along with the data of research heart, them simulations 3D custom of the heart will allow to them professional medical know best the behavior of the heart of a patient without need of procedures of diagnosis invasive additional.

“Este es un proyecto muy útil para las personas con defectos cardiacos congénitos que requieren muchos tratamientos cardiovasculares, pero también para el gran porcentaje de población que sufre fallos cardiacos, arritmias y otras anormalidades estructurales. Esta tecnología supone un enorme avance que acelerará la materialización de nuestros avances científicos sobre la función cardiaca en aplicaciones prácticas que promuevan una mejor salud y seguridad”, declara James C. Perry, profesor de Pediatría en UC San Diego y director de Electrofisiología y enfermedades coronarias de adultos en el hospital infantil Rady de San Diego.

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By • 13 Jun, 2014
• Section: Display, Augmented reality, Bless you, Simulation

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