He has used the Virtual Garage tool to adapt experience DS Virtual Vision on a trip immersive for the new SUV model of the company, allowing the visitor attending the Geneva Motor Show to explore the original features of its interior and outside in a realistic environment, using HTC live virtual reality goggles.

DS carspremium brand of the PSA group, it has transformed its showroom and boosted the purchase of cars offering a DS Virtual vision immersive virtual reality experiences. Their latest initiatives include the use of 3D Virtual Garage, developed solution by Dassault Systèmes, for launching new SUV, DS 7 Crossback, in the 87 th Geneva Motor Show (Geneva International Motor Show - GIMS), which is being held until Sunday, March 19.

The technology of virtual reality can help brands of the automotive sector to visit a dealer in a turning point for both consumers and retailers. DS Automobiles leverages virtual applications and virtual reality to provide a visual and marketing great impact as well as a sales experience that connects emotionally with consumers and allows them to discover in a virtual way DS 7 Crossback before of its commercial release, in addition to all the models of the brand. Thus, you can adopt an alternative distribution format that helps to optimize the space of the concessionaire and increase sales.

DS Automobiles has used Virtual Garage to suit the experience, called DS Virtual Vision, an immersive journey DS 7 Crossback and its entire collection. Based on the 3D of Dassault Systèmes platform, Virtual Garage offers marketing materials and sales of automotive in 3D, apps and experiences that communicate the brand or product to your target audience.

Attendees at the Geneva Motor Show can immerse yourself in a virtual way in the Paris Concorde square, where you can see a preview of the SUV and its limited edition model DS 7 Crossback La Premiere, along with their physical cars during the official presentation. Visitors can enter inside the SUV, walk around and explore the original characteristics of your interior and exterior in a realistic environment, only using virtual reality goggles HTC He lives.

On the other hand, DS Automobiles plans to install DS Virtual Vision in its European sales network. Here, consumers can discover and configure virtual reality car by choosing multiple combinations for each model, as for example, Hubcaps, the colors of the body and equipment.

"The 3D platform enables car brands differentiate themselves and reinvent the experiences in the exhibition halls inculcating an environment of game, virtual reality, interaction and discovery, as well as the tastes and preferences of the" consumer in real time on exploration and purchase processes, even until the vehicle is physically available", explains Olivier Sappin, Vice-President, Transportation & Mobility Industry of Dassault Systèmes.

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By • 17 Mar, 2017
• Section: Augmented reality, Simulation