Debut combines dynamic Osram LED lights with Traxon intelligent system to provide personalized virtual wardrobe where you can try on clothes and see how it would be to bring in different environments.

Osram Debut

During the fair Light Fair International, Which was held in Las Vegas from 1 to 5 June, the intelligent tester Debut OSRAM It has won the innovation award. It is a solution that combines dynamic LED lighting with intelligent system Traxon Technologies which transforms the locker room in personalized spaces of virtual reality.

This fusion of lights and video performs simulations of real-life environments within the locker room, as if the person being tested and the clothes were dressed in those scenarios.

Osram DebutThis solution requires that images are shot scenarios in advance by performing light measurements necessary to achieve greater precision. Once the customer is in the locker room from the tablet and through an intuitive touch interface, the scene will be projected inside is selected. In this way, customers can try on clothes virtually seeing the effect that occurs when the lead in a given situation.

Within this virtual wardrobe projection video equipment is installed and from a computer, laptop or tablet you can select images. To handle this content has created an interactive software that allows to be manipulated from a touch screen.

Osram DebutLighting and color management to produce the simulation is the responsibility of the Traxon Cove Light AC HO RGBW solution. For this project they have been used Lunis 2 Track LED lights, reflector LED module PrevaLED Core Z3 and flexible LED module LINEARlight Flex Protect ShortPitch.

This is a solution which has a broad spectrum of application since it allows cross-marketing applications. For example, selecting a scene from a restaurant, you can shoot images of a real property and include the logo, contact, address ... all you can promote your brand image.

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By • Jun 20, 2014
• Section: Lighting, Projection, Simulation

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