With more than 4,000 lines of horizontal scanning and a resolution of 7.680 × 4.320 pixels, Super Hi-Vision technology or quality 8K (UHDV) has started its first tests of acquisition and issuance in the current world football Brazil 2014, at the hands of the Japanese media company NHK, in collaboration with Globo TV.

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In the process of migration and commercialization of Ultra high resolution 4K (UHD), the multinational Japanese screens NHK It has begun to carry out the first tests, in collaboration with Globo TVemission and uptake in Super Hi-Vision technology 8K, taking advantage of the coverage of the 2014 World Cup football that is currently held in Brazil.

This technology provides 4,000 horizontal scan lines and 7.680 × 4.320 pixels resolution, which represents a quality video and picture sharpness of no less than 33 million pixels. While NHK already showed this technological breakthrough two years ago, it was on the occasion of the world football Brazil 2014 when he decided to start tests of transmission and distribution of signals 8K to some large-format screens located in Brazil and Japan, as well as headquarters of this multinational Nippon, in Tokyo.

8K comparative technologyIn collaboration with Globo TV, the company has successfully completed testing with Super Hi-Vision technology in two matches of the World Cup; in particular in ivory Japon-costa meetings and in the United States-Ghana, which will provide experience for future testing coinciding with the 2016 Olympic Games, also in Brazil.

NHK showed for the first time the Super Hi-Vision technology at Ceatec, 2012, the most important technological event of Japan, for which used a screen 80 "of the signature TV Sharp to play spectacular panoramic videos, and where in addition to sharpness of image never seen before then, 8 K signal allowed in addition up to 24 channels of audio playback.

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By • Jun 20, 2014
• Section: Display, Distribution signals, Events

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