The combination of open multiscreen advertising management platform Sizmek campaigns and specialization of PointRoll dynamic creative optimization allows you to run more effectively taking advantage of any digital campaign information users to deliver relevant messages and reach the target consumer.

The acquisition of Point Role, Dynamic business branch creativity Cofactor, company belonging to Tegna, by Sizmek strengthens its area of ​​dynamic creative optimization (DCO), "an element of growing importance in the digital advertising because it optimizes specific audiences that contrasts with data essential part for the effectiveness of any online advertising campaign," said Neil Nguyen, CEO and president of Sizmek.

In addition, this technology combination provides both advertisers and media agencies access to a wider range of data within Sizmek MDX platform, from mobile media buying, measurement and allocation to multichannel devices.

Para Mario Diez, CEO de Cofactor, “juntos representamos una plataforma global incomparable, y estamos entusiasmados de unirnos al equipo y generar esta solución que liderará la industria. Pero los que más ganan son nuestros clientes de los sectores automoción, gran consumo y minorista, puesto que ambas compañías ofrecen ahora una inigualable solución en creatividad, funcionalidades y servicio. Nuestra propuesta de valor ha sido siempre combinar la creatividad con los datos y ahora hemos dado un salto cualitativo proporcionándoselo”.

In addition to buying Pointroll, Cofactor has appointed Sizmek as a preferred partner for activation and distribution of digital content that the company provides to its customers.

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By • 24 Nov, 2015
• Section: Display, Distribution signals, Business, Dynamic advertising

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