The system hybrid Virtual Microphone System of Slate Digital is integrated by the microphone ML-1, the preamplifier ONE and a module software plug-in.

Slate Digital VMS (Virtual Microphone System) is a hybrid system, whose brand matter for Spain and Portugal Area sounds, which uses the condenser microphone ML-1, the 'neutral' preamp ONE, along with the VMS module plug-in which replicates the sound of the best microphones in the world.

The ML-1 VMS is a condenser microphone for linear response and high definition, offering accurate and transparent, reproduction with a frequency response flat and a broad bandwidth.

A suitable device on which capture the "colorful" sound of the classic valve MICS. The effect of proximity of his capsule, replica accurately the large diaphragm classic vintage microphones cardioid.

To avoid the unwanted 'I color' signal when recording to audio system, Slate Digital has created the VMS ONE, a preamp of last generation, with analog electronics with high quality and linear sound, as a final step to ensure a cleaner signal.

The final piece of the Virtual Microphone System is a software plug-in module that converts the signal from the ultra clean VMS hardware emulations microphones and preamplifiers most famous classics in the history of sound. This is achieved through complex algorithms, which are the result of an innovative process of physical modeling which is ultimately assimilated by the human ear.

VMS algorithms incorporate zero latency, so the realtime recording through its plug-ins allow recording and comfortable monitoring and a powerful tool in a native system.

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By • 7 Jan, 2016
• Section: Audio

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