Soundcraft, commercial division of Harman International Industries, has announced the addition of application for remote control on iPad Soundcraft ViSi, allowing an iPad to control multiple compact consoles Soundcraft Si and Vi into a single network Wireless.

Soundcraft you have updated the application to remote control on iPad Soundcraft ViSi, which allows control of the range of consoles from the saw series, besides the range if Compact released last month. The new version of the application is available for free on the iTunes store. The remote ViSi allows a single iPad to control multiple compact consoles Soundcraft Vi and if Compact ranges into a single wireless network.

The Soundcraft ViSi remote allows users to move through a space at the time adjusting levels of input channels and silences, as well as auxiliary and matrix shipments shipment levels, and configuration levels and EQ graphic in the outputs of buses. Consoles Soundcraft Vi controllable by ViSi series includes all variants of Vi1 Vi2, Vi4 and Vi6.

A single remote ViSi application can control a mixed network of saw and if Compact series consoles. Anyone can download the free application and become familiar with its operation, even if it is not owner of one of the consoles.

The application uses the Harman HiQnet architecture to connect consoles network to a wireless router, which communicates with the iPad. For greater flexibility, multiple iPads can be used on the same network, even in the same console, so that individual artists can control its own shipments to the monitor.

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By • 17 Jul, 2012
• Section: Audio, Control