Leveraging NFC and BLE technologies, Think & Go payments connected screens open up new possibilities to simplify purchases in areas like retail, leisure or restoration sector. The user only has to approach your smartphone or credit card to purchase the product.

The French company Think & Go has marked a milestone in the market of the signage digital to the do interact them screens with objects that them consumers carried normally in their pockets, as smartphones, tablets or smartwatches. Each point of the screen allows you to interact with these devices to create a personalized consumer experience.

Now Think & Go added a new functionality to these connected screens, leveraging NFC and BLE, technologies enabling contactless payment. This is a development, fruit of their partnership with Ingenico, which is being presented in the CES 2016 of Las Vegas.

Compatible with EMVCo, users only have to approach the smartphone or EMV credit card with NFC to the screen to book the product or purchase. It's a development payments and multiuser.

This technology opens a new channel of sales and distribution, carrying them business of the shops and the trade electronic to the street, to the stations of train, airports... Them screen connected payments of Think & Go are a new form for the ' buy by impulse ', where those users are attracted by the advertising dynamic that is shows in these screens and whose products can be acquired in the time.

Payment through screens will open new possibilities to simplify purchases in many areas as the fast food shops, selling tickets for theatres, cinemas or transport and shopping malls.

Solidarity campaign

The Hard Rock Cafe in Marseille was the first company to install Think & Go connected screens last May and November was the first experience with connected screens payments.

The project was carried out by the bank BNP Paribas that used for a joint initiative involving eight associations (Action contre la Faim, Sidaction, Handicap International, Fondation de France, La Croix Rouge, Institut Pasteur, Ligue Contre le Cancer and ADIE ). Bringing your credit card or mobile NFC, users could donate five euros in a second.

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By • 7 Jan, 2016
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Events, Dynamic advertising

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