International Airport Simon Bolivar in Caracas (Venezuela) has installed a network of digital signage comprised of 27 screens, whose contents are managed, remotely and in real time, through the ACO Imvinet.

Looking for improve the channel of communication with their passengers, the Airport International Simon Bolivar of Caracas (Venezuela) has implemented the technology of digital signage to issue content of value, in time real and with scope to all those passengers. Also, this project was also benefiting from advertising to offset the additional costs.

The implementation has been in charge of Imvinet, as Integrator of digital signage, and Smartketing, as a specialist in media advertising. This Alliance conducted the study requirements resulting in a circuit of 27 large-format screens, strategically located in each of the gates.

The purpose was the delivery of relevant information and entertainment to the passenger, as the State flights, weather, advertising, games and tourist sites. Content that are updated in time real.

The result is a circuit of digital signage that generates high impact and manages to optimize the communication channels of the airport, allowing to generate monetary benefits and image, to inform and entertain a captive audience such as the air terminals.

An of them main problem that presented this institution was to issue content of value, in time real and with scope to all their passengers, is by this that decided to incorporate through the system ACO of Imvinet, company that for this channel is partner strategic and provides the technology of posters digital, besides order is of the management of the design and content support and recurrent technology management.

The Smarketing company has been responsible for the installation of 27 screens, strategically distributed in eleven gates at national airport and other sixteen international. A circuit that is managed remotely through the ACO system.

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By • 11 Jan, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Control, Digital signage, Display, Networks

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