The manufacturer has revealed during his participation at CES 2016 in Las Vegas the evolution of the TV to an innovative concept customizable and modular design, after showing the world's largest SUHD so far, with a screen of 170 "which is transformed according the content.

If on the first day of CES 2016 managers Samsung announced in the 'area of ​​the TV of the future' its stand that "inaugurating a new decade of global leadership" (more details on Digital AV Magazine) during the presentation of their new SUHD televisions, the manufacturer has completed its participation in the contest showing transformable in Ultra High Definition TV 170 inches, so far the world's largest with this technology.

Modular design, this large equipment is based on the technology of modular screen, joining multiple screens of various shapes and sizes to create a fully customizable TV, based on the lifestyle of the consumer and the content you want to see .

Así lo explicó Hyun Suk Kim, presidente de la división Visual Display de Samsung Electronics: “en CES 2016, mostramos la innovación que más importa a los consumidores, ofreciendo además una atractiva visión sobre el futuro del televisor. Creemos que las posibilidades para la innovación en televisores son realmente ilimitadas y, en los próximos años, los consumidores experimentarán mayores posibilidades de elección y control conforme se superen las actuales barreras del tamaño, la forma y la versatilidad de la pantalla. Invito a los asistentes a que visiten el stand de Samsung en CES y sean testigos directos del futuro del televisor”.

In this sense, in the area of ​​the TV of the future 'two design concepts that highlight the capabilities and customization possibilities they were shown: the TV SUHD 170 "which also uses the technology of modular screen to create an advanced video experience and generate real size in the viewer the illusion of being inside the content.

This transformable TV can change its shape based on the content being displayed on the screen. Whether users are enjoying a great game like watching an action movie or news, this system can maintain different ratios, from a 16: 9 to another of 21: 9, simply dividing the screen into two parts and recolocándola on the sides when you want to see a full-screen video.

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By • 11 Jan, 2016
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