The result of this strategic partnership is ePanels line solutions, which will be officially presented at ISE by a video wall with 4K resolution of 3.7 × 2.1 meters. These LED modules will be offered in versions of pixel pitches 0.9, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.9 mm.

The German manufacturer of display systems, eyevisAnd Chinese developer screens, Unilumin, They have signed a strategic alliance for the production and distribution of LED modules.

Eyevis supports this cooperation with its expertise in the environment LED screens, providing the technical knowledge necessary to meet the needs of certain environments such as control rooms the broadcast market, while Unilumin brings its production capacity.

By holding ISE 2016, this strategic partnership will be reflected in a new line of products, eyevis ePanels "Powered by Unilumin" which has been jointly developed by teams of both companies. The ePanels range will make its world premiere in Amsterdam and displayed a 4K LED videowall 2.1 × 3.7 meters.

Todos los modelos ePanels están diseñados para ser utilizados en interior, un entorno para el que existe una gran demanda de videowalls de alta resolución con pequeño tamaño de píxel pitch. La cartera ePanels comprende diferentes modelos con pixel pitches de 0,9, 1,2, 1,5 y 1,9 mm.

Los productos “Powered by Unilumin” son fabricados exclusivamente por eyevis y distribuidos a través de su propia red minorista, siendo responsables de la atención al cliente, así como de la implementación técnica de control de visualización y procesamiento de señales, mientras que su socio chino produce el hardware. La gran capacidad y velocidad de fabricación de Unilumin permite ofrecer a los clientes de eyevis soluciones rentables de gran calidad.

Eyeled series products manufactured by eyevis in Germany, is another pillar of the LED division and complements the new ePanels with a flexible architecture and low demand options that respond to applications with special requirements for housing and integration.

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By • 21 Jan, 2016
• Section: Display, Events

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