Create experiences one-to-one between the brand and the target audience with interactive visual systems, iBeacons, audience measurement solutions, like Wi-Fi tracking and cameras to biometric identification, with content on demand for each client are some of the trends that Jorge Hurtado, chief marketing office of Caverin Solutions, discusses in this article.

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In the future of digital signage, the trend it is marking the integration with mobile devices and social networks, taking a step closer communication the customer to offer content tailored according to each person's needs, thus making the audiovisual communication channel in an interactive space that connects with the public like never before.

As a result, the guideline will be develop a two-way and interactive marketing channel to create a one-to-one between the brand and the target audience experience, allowing direct interaction to perform marketing activities to create experiences within the audiovisual channel of a close, much more attractive and more direct way.

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Conventional digital signage circuits which only send content in a push mode from the different audiovisual media, with an advertising loop and some updated will be back. Thanks to are integrations opens a wide range of possibilities in which the content is marked by the demand.

Far is also the idea that 'advertising will pay channel', giving value to the true essence of this type of audiovisual systems: the boost point of sale inside and outside settlements, allowing to manage a ROI in the digital communication through the increase in sales driven by an updated, modern, close and shocking channel for new customer acquisition and development of the same.

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You are creating a new world of audiovisual experiences, where brands connect with their audience through media and contained high-impact, interactive and innovative, creating unique experiences at the point of sale thanks to new technologies.

The iBeacons or NFC technology for example, offer an innovative way to communicate with customers to join audiovisual channels and the online channel brands with the physical elements in stores to create a 360 ° experience - real and virtual elements - where all connected with communication much more direct and efficient, showing contents to user demand.

We must not forget the audience measurement, such as the Wi-Fi solutions tracking and cameras to biometric identification, integrating them with content management software enabling, on the one hand, have a content as attending the hearing at any time in order to maximize the impact of communications, as well as achieving real data to analyze the different measurements of the communications location of screens, contents, products, public and a long list of variables that allow you to measure the results of the campaigns to have necessary information which serves to optimize efficiently (Analytics) audiovisual channels.

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The different audiovisual media for channels of digital signage is also evolving dramatically, creating solutions with a better definition, contrast, colors and resolution display to make more real content to show.

New screens with technology Oled allow on a centimeter of depth have two screens back to back for the issuance of different content on each of them; Led display with a pixel pitch below 1 mm for a better definition of content on screens of large dimensions; videowall screens to create a visual wall frames up to 1.8 mm between screens; projectors laser long lasting maintenance free and many more solutions for having different windows through which you can see the most shocking content.

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Due to the increasingly rapid obsolescence of the audiovisual, software, etc. the trend in the channels of digital signage is migrate to solutions funded services in SaaS mode enabling you to eliminate the costs of investment for them, getting so the return on the investment is direct from the moment of putting up audiovisual channel.

This migration of channels of digital signage solutions for pay per use has important advantages, as have always updated the channel with the latest technological developments to display content integrated with different solutions that enable customization of content and stunning attending audience at all times, as well as to measure the success of the campaigns to be conducted in an efficient and optimal manner. All this to create experiences 360 ° with the public, including a whole communication online, offline and digital of the establishment.

Join us in this new digital transformation?

Caverin Solutions Jorge HurtadoJorge Hurtado

Chief marketing office of Caverin Solutions

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By • 23 Mar, 2016
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