The agreement with the Japanese firm aims to joint development of solutions for medical diagnosis, aimed at creating tests and technologies that could play a key role in the early detection of cancer and the implementation of a more personalized medicine for patients.

JVCKenwood Totoku

After the acquisition of the medical displays TOTOKU, JVCKenwood remains committed to developing its business line centered healthcare environment. The last performance was the strategic alliance signed with Sysmex to jointly develop diagnostic tools for measuring exosomes, elements that can be used in testing for certain diseases.

The guidelines for this development are geared towards the creation of testing and diagnostic technologies that could play a role in the early detection of cancer and the implementation of a more personalized medicine for patients.

JVCKenwood has evolved from its conventional structure manufacturing and marketing of products creating value for the customer, to a business strategy with a business model aimed at providing solutions that solve the problems that customers face.


La compañía está haciendo esfuerzos para hacer crecer su área de negocio de salud, que incluye en la actualidad diversos sistemas para imágenes de diagnóstico y apoyo quirúrgico. Como un aspecto importante en esa área de trabajo, ha desarrollado tecnologías de disco óptico para detectar y contar exosomas utilizando nanoesferas, una técnica basada en las soluciones ópticas adoptadas en sus unidades Blu-ray y DVD.

En este caso se ha tratado de un desarrollo que contó con el apoyo de la agencia japonesa para la ciencia y la tecnología (JST), gracias al programa de desarrollo de medidas avanzadas y análisis de sistemas. JVCKenwood tiene como objetivo lograr un mayor crecimiento aumentando su presencia en un campo completamente nuevo para la empresa a través de este desarrollo conjunto.

Sysmex is a manufacturer of diagnostic instruments, reagents and software departments in vitro research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. The company is conducting research and development for creating test and diagnostic technologies that can be used in a wide area of ​​environmental health, including cancer and chronic diseases.

To this end, it is working to expand its technology platform in vitro diagnostic biopsy for liquid directly using blood tests.

JVCKenwood Totoku CCL650i2

Content of joint development

In this joint development, JVCKenwood will use optical disc technologies using nanospheres for the development of measuring instruments capable of capturing and counting the existing exosomes in the blood. Sysmex also develop instruments for measuring the substances contained in them, using own measurement for analyzing gene and protein technology.

In the future, after the clinical investigation, the objective is to use these products developed jointly in the early detection of diseases such as cancer by simple blood analysis, representing a low degree of patient discomfort.

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By • 31 Mar, 2016
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