Built with a modular, scalable design, this audio solution incorporates a bi-amplified system comprising a subwoofer bass reflex of 12-inch high excursion and a passive satellite.

FBT Vertus CS1000 subwoofer

The compact line array CS1000 is the latest addition to FBT It has made to its line of Vertus. Intended as a solution for live performances and installations, it offers high performance in a scalable and modular design. It has a light structure, although robust, that it allows to be mounted on the stage in little time or install, to offer high-quality sound with a controlled directivity.

FBT Vertus CS 1000It is a bi-amplified system composed of a subwoofer bass reflex of 12-inch high excursion and a passive satellite that is connected to the subwoofer by means of a connector Neutrik Speakon equipped with six Motors full-range of 3-inch neodymium.

The subwoofer integrates a two channel amplifier of class D switching supply, delivering 600 W RMS into the subwoofer and 400 W RMS into the satellite. To facilitate storage and transportation, the subwoofer box has a compartment for the satellite and supplied, equipped with a special locking system mounting mast.

Like the rest of FBT products whose brand distributed MagnetronThis team stands out for its elegant and effective, engineering that is reflected on the mast of the satellite assembly. Consisting of three sections, the mast allows you to adjust the height according to the needs. A special joint allows you to orient it vertically to achieve the coverage desired in any room.

The slender proportions of the satellite offer a horizontal 110 ° dispersion, while the placement of six engines of 3″, forming an array in J, creates a vertical dispersion of 30° (+ 10° / −20 °).

FBT Vertus CS 1000Your design modular allows attaching two systems to form a joint much more powerful. In this configuration, two subwoofers are stacked, while satellites are placed one above the other by means of optional accessories. This is achieved to increase the Max SPL at 6 dB, and while the horizontal dispersion does not vary, the vertical increases to 40º (+ 20° / −20 °).

The subwoofer is equipped with handles of aluminum coated rubber for a more comfortable grip, which allows transporting the entire system, composed of subwoofer, satellite, mounting mast, articulation and cabling, simple way. The amplifier module is protected within a cast aluminum housing and has no fan.

The volume of the satellite is can adjusted in relation to the of the subwoofer in 8 levels of −4, 5 to + 5 DB. A filter selectable high pass guarantees optimum reproduction. As the needs increase, it is possible to further expand this compact line-array. Combining four sets in a stereo configuration (two on each side) Gets a 8000 W peak power.


  • 600 W + 400 W RMS.
  • 129 dB SPL.
  • 2-way speaker system.
  • Subwoofer with speaker 12″ and coil 2, 5″.
  • 6 woofers full-range neodymium 3″ with 0 coils, 75″.
  • Frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • integrated class D amplifier switching power supply, which delivers 600 W RMS for LF and HF 400 W RMS.
  • DSP with eight presets for all kinds of applications.
  • Variable column volume between -4.5 and + 5dB in 8 levels.
  • Master control panel, presets, volume satellite, HPF and status LED volume.
  • Forwarding input and XLR and Neutrik Speakon to connect the satellite.
  • Dispersion: 110 ° (H) x 30 ° (V).

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By • 28 Jul, 2016
• Section: Audio

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