Insight Laser 4K of 20,000 lumens provides the solution of stereoscopic 3D projection of high brightness and resolution 4K (4.096 × 2.160) which sought to display on a wall 11, 4 × 6, 4 m. This equipment is suited to environments where the level of detail and the stability of the image are of the utmost importance.

The school of simulation and visualization of art of Glasgow (Glasgow School of Art completo School of Simulation and Visualisation- SimVis) focuses its activity on the display immersive for medical and academic research and commercial projects.

In response to your operational environment raised the need to renew its projection system with a high brightness and 4K resolution 3D stereoscopic projection solution. The election was the Insight Laser 4K system of Digital Projection.

"SimVis wanted a projector that would provide a higher gloss which activates the system that had, that offered a native resolution of 4K and stereo output capacity 120 Hz. In addition, should treat the optical requirements for the distance of shot and adapt to the width of the image of the wall that were going to make projections that has dimensions of 11, 4 × 6, 4 meters,"says John Mold, commercial development manager of Antycip Simulation, company in charge of carrying out the project.

Insight Laser 4K offers 12,000 lumens of solid state lighting with a resolution of 4.096 × 2.160, and adapt to environments where the level of detail and the stability of the image are of the utmost importance. The performance of the Insight 4K Digital Projection of solid state lighting ensures images of great quality and limited maintenance, saving time and service costs.

The large size of the projection wall presented difficulties. SimVis wanted to increase the quality at the time that increased the intensity of the light to the surface of the screen. However, do not want an array of multiple projectors with blending technology to get a big picture.

"This team not only provides native 4K resolution of 4.096 × 2.160 but which also provides more 'green' credentials, low maintenance intervals and the longevity of the light source which goes beyond the 20,000 hours. The pixel size was also reduced to offering the possibility of support capacities of picture in picture with up to 4 HD and guarantee a fantastic reproduction of colour in applications", clarifies Jhon Mold.

Schneider lens was used to allow a big display from a distance relatively short. The image edit geometry using the Anyblend software of Vioso to correct the direction on the surface of the screen.

Antycip Simulation engineers conducted post-installation placing it on a platform in order to raise the display area since it was not possible to carry out Assembly in the ceiling. A generator of image Broadberry Cyber Station was also installed, with an Nvidia graphics card, to ensure content 4 k. content that are provided directly through a fiber optic cable.

The solution is complete with an array of more than 20 cameras in space tracing Vicon they used a tracking software and RF VR goggles Volfoni to enable the 3D capabilities to the audience. "RF glasses reduce the brightness of the image, so that we can approach to the wall without seeing all of the pixels, getting a higher quality and resolution".

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By • 11 Nov, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Control, Display, Projection, Simulation

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