Passengers of the New York City subway now have four new digital kiosks dual screen, located in the three new stations on Second Avenue, so they can schedule, better plan and plot your travels through this great city.

As part of the public-private partnership with MTA (The metropolitan authority of the City of New York), the technology company Intersection, Responsible for managing the project to improve the urban experience LinkNYC (The largest and fastest in the world Municipal Wi-Fi network deployed so far) has developed and installed four digital kiosks updated to provide real-time information in addition to the existing network.

The new kiosks are located in the new metro stations Second Avenue differ from those already installed that have digital screens sided (the others being only one) with capacitive touch technology, which are independent in their operation with charging station two ports, one on each side.

The system will have a powerful computer and touch controller to provide real user planning your trip through the city from the network of metropolitan, with updated maps of the new lines arrival information, output and service time of each train, nearby destinations etc.

The new kiosks are added to the network MTA On the Go Kiosk (More details on how started in Digital AV Magazine); an innovative and interactive digital communication tool provides users who use the Metro New York abundant and complete information about your trip.

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By • 2 Feb, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Networks

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