Two hundred 55-inch LED totems ShopperCast of Médiaperformances have been installed in the entrance areas 150 supermarkets in order to provide information on the establishment, promote brand image and publicize new developments.

Mediaperformances DooH has chosen the software (digital out-of-home) of Holdings to manage the contents of the network deployed in ShopperCast 150 Carrefour supermarkets, located in France, comprising 200 totems LED 55 inches.

"BroadSign is the right CMS for digital signage networks. We have tried other solutions, but had shortcomings when handling specific aspects of our business. This software is helping us to design and manage our network efficiently and flexibly, "says Kevin Beaulieu, product manager of ShopperCast.

These data points have been installed in areas that are visible to customers when they enter the supermarket. A third of the content displayed include information on opening times and special offers, while the rest is dedicated to promoting brand advertising.

Advertisers like Danone, Nestle, Unilever, Coca-Cola Mondelez and benefit from the impact they have on the audience sigange these digital media.

According to a study by the Institut Advantage Shopper Intelligence, 94% of French people go to supermarkets and 68% choose to shop in stores. "Therefore, the point of sale is a means in itself that has a powerful and this support digital signage allows advertisers to reach a large number of customers if placed at the entrance," says Elise Maingueneau, director of Médiaperformances marketing.

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By • 6 Feb, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Control, Digital signage, Display

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