The digital signage sector is represented in its stand hand two recent developments: the DS-780 and DS-980 players. Two ultra high definition equipment incorporating the most innovative processors Intel and WebAccess / IMM and Wise-PaaS / RMM, which facilitate handling tools.

The stand of Advantech in ISE 2017 (8-K205) is presented as a technology showcase where their full catalog of audio solutions, Smart Building, unified communications (videoconferencing, instant messaging, email ...) and digital signage is displayed. In the latter field as novelties include the DS-780 and DS-980 players.

It is two computers designed for digital signage applications 4K data points, casinos, eMenu boards, interactive multimedia systems or video walls.

The DS-780 is a fanless media player that combines high performance processing and graphics with optimal flexibility for expansion. Built with Intel Core Iris U 540 / HD 520 6th generation processors and 3D graphics, offers 4K resolution via HDMI output on three separate screens.

Its HDMI 2.0 4K design supports up to 60 fps, allowing a resolution of up to 4,096 × 2,160. It also has an interface I / O includes 3 HDMI, 2 RJ-45 (Giga LAN), 4 USB 3.0 ports, one RS-232 port and audio m.2 / Mini-PCIe wireless and devices IoT interconnected. It also supports video decoding HEVC for better compression ratios that require less storage space.

Meanwhile, the digital signage player for videowall DS-980 works with up to six screens and 4K resolution up to 4,096 x 2,160 pixels. Incorporates the Intel i7 / i5 / i3 / Celeron RPGA processor and Intel HD Graphics system software that incorporates allows flexible configurations to 1 × 6, 6 × 1, 3 × 2, etc., and manages content across multiple screens .

This device is equipped with 3 HDMI outputs and 3 outputs can be expanded with additional screen through expansion slots PCI Express 3.0 x16.

Para facilitar su manejo, estos media player incorporan el software de señalización dedicado WebAccess/IMM y la aplicación de gestión remota de dispositivos Wise-PaaS/RMM para redes de señalización digital instaladas en múltiples ubicaciones. El primero permite realizar diseños visuales arrastrando y soltando videoclips, imágenes fijas, páginas web o tickers, así como calendarios y herramientas de programación basadas en la línea de tiempo para determinar el orden de reproducción; mientras que WISE-PaaS/RMM monitoriza el estado de los dispositivos de señalización en tiempo real.

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By • 8 Feb, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Events

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