PPDS with Intel Advantech Navori Labs

Bringing solutions to the retail market Philips of analysis and digital signage in AI, in collaboration with Intel, Advantech and Navori Labs, is the goal of PPDS with Intelligent signage solution for retail.

The association between PPDS, Intel, Advantech and Navori Labs combines the latest technology of digital screens and cameras with the latest innovations of intelligent software to give a new impetus to the shopping experience in the retail sector.

PPDS, global provider of professional displays and solutions Philips, has announced its collaboration with the main hardware and software suppliers in the market, specifically with Intel, Advantech and Navori Labs , for the creation of PPDS Intelligent signage solution for retail.

In line with strategy Total Solutions, and its commitment to support the retail sector through innovations, PPDS Intelligent signage solution for retail “is a revolutionary AI-powered digital solution that combines Philips digital signage with intelligent software technologies and adapted cameras”, underline from the company.

This reliable solution, tested by integrators and retailers, offers easy installation and simple implementation in stores. In addition, provides valuable data-driven insights for retailers can improve and guide the experience of their customers, which translates into a higher return on investment.

The solution is designed to take the customer's omnichannel strategy to the next level and create a unique online experience., so retailers can make more effective business decisions using advanced analytics and AI, based on store activities over a day, a week, a month or even a year.

PPDS with Intel Advantech Navori Labs

Artificial intelligence and 'personal shopper'’

Compatible with the range of digital signage Philips P-Line for indoors, composed of screens of 42 and 55″, uninterrupted performance and connected by Ethernet or Wi-Fi, this solution uses the powerful integrated platform DS-200 SDM-L Smart Display Module by Advantech, with technology Intel vPro, that allows remote management of the unit.

The solution is combined with Aquaji, the artificial intelligence software platform for marketing analysis, and the software QL CMS, to manage the contents of the screen, both from the manufacturer Navori Labs.

Available as a cloud-based solution (SaaS) or as a local version hosted on your own hardware, Navori Aquaji software, type plug and play, analyzes video signals from built-in cameras or IP strategically placed in the store.

This results in anonymous marketing data and comparable metrics based on foot traffic and people's physical traits. (with an accuracy of up to the 98%), including sex, and are presented in an intuitive control panel, accessible from any computer.

This information allows to offer exclusive and specific content to customers in the establishment itself, as well as conducting marketing activities to boost sales.

Content based on data analysis can also be easily created and programmed, For example, during the hours when a specific demographic is most prevalent according to history. The solution is compliant with the GDPR regulations, completely anonymous and does not perform facial recognition. Images or videos are never stored on the system.

PPDS with Intel Advantech Navori Labs

More benefits of the PPDS Intelligent Signage solution for retail:

  • Know your customers: measures the number of visitors, excluding staff, and classifies each customer based on their attributes (sex and age range).
  • Time spent in the store and waiting: knows the user's timeout in the queue and the time that passes before receiving the service. This data is used to optimize waits and in-store service.
  • Attention time: determines the field of view of each buyer, in relation to the monitored area or digital signage screen, for audience evaluation and performance analysis.
  • Proactive: forecasts foot traffic and demand based on temporal comparative data.
  • Personnel efficiency: covers peaks in demand in the store and sends staff where and when they are needed.
  • Store design: manages shelf distribution to ensure easy flow to the right products and points.

Kwik Trip Lacrosse PPDS

Immediate results

The Navori Aquaji platform has a proven and recognized record for its application in retail. One store noted an increase in 42% in the sale of products on impulse thanks to the activation of a promotional offer aimed at the customer.

Another retailer reported an increase of up to 26% in the inbound traffic thanks to the presence of exhibitors in the store, using targeted marketing, and a department store improved customer satisfaction by reducing the waiting time in a 35%, during weekend peak hours, thanks to the implementation of additional roaming ATMs.

“It's never been more important for retailers to attract customers and take advantage of all sales opportunities- Says Chris Colpaert, CEO of PPDS-. Every store is different and so is every customer, so marketing that works for one person may not work for another. If age and sex are taken into account, it is almost certain that a high percentage of people entering a store are being lost”.

In this sense, “with our advanced Philips digital signage and partnerships with industry leaders, as Intel, Advantech and Navori Labs-adds-, reduce the chances of error and increase the chances of sales for retailers, while making the customer experience more resourceful and tailored”.

Kwik Trip Lacrosse PPDS

This solution, underlines this manager, “will contribute to the retailers the tools needed to improve the customer journey and experience, by analyzing the data and disseminating the appropriate content, to the right person and at the right time and place. This is a game changer for the retail sector, whether it is a small neighborhood store or an international chain”.

for Tim de Ruiter, director of international business at PPDS, “this solution is a revolution for the retailers, as it allows them to manage content with confidence, knowing that they are suitable, specific and precise. When selecting gender and age range, the retailer can be sure that only the group will see a specific promotion”.

The aim of all this is “help our end customers in the retail sector to make their work as simple as possible, as well as our integrators to differentiate their own service. therefore, helping them in tracking the contents and adjusting them during the promotion to make them more attractive is a real advantage. Data helps them make the right decisions and they can clearly see the impact of their decisions with the results. It's a virtuous loop”.

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