It is two-way team KH 80 that includes a digital signal processor and allows management through control software manufacturer.

The new KH 80 DSP is the first field monitors manufactured by Neumann, whose mark distributed MagnetronWhich incorporates a DSP (digital signal processor), which gives it greater consistency, more accuracy and flexibility.

It is an active two-way monitor (4 + 1 inch), bi-amplified, which allows network management by Neumann Control software, has analog audio input (XLR or Jack ¼ ") and a variety of accessories assembly.

Thanks to the control software can automatically calibrate (alignment accuracy) by simple questions (guided alignment), or free with an integrated eight bands (manual alignment) parametric equalizer.

The KH 80 DSP is designed to be used as nearfield monitor, as front speaker in a compact or rear speaker multichannel system in a smaller multichannel system in post-production studios audio track mixing and mastering as well and OB-VAN 2 mobile units.

The audio input connector is strategically placed at the bottom rear to facilitate placement of the cable down.

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By • 20 Feb, 2017
• Section: Audio, Control

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