Beabloo this article explains the benefits of digital signage technology to financial institutions, enabling them to optimize and create value in communications with their customers and gain competitive advantage.

Omnichannel the emergence of technology has revolutionized the way many banks communicate with their customers. According BeablooAmong other advantages, these solutions that move the world offline ease of analysis results of the digital environment, provide banking offices valuable data to better know their customers, monitor the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, increase ROI and, above all, to create unique experiences for consumers.

La omnicanalidad se ha confirmado como una necesidad en el sector bancario. Según datos de la última Global Consumer Banking Survey de EY, el 44% de los consumidores asegura que no confiaría en un banco sin oficinas y un 66% considera muy importante que la entidad cuente con presencia online. A pesar del auge que ha experimentado la comunicación digital, el mundo online no puede considerarse un sustituto del offline, sino que ambos canales deben alinearse y complementarse para ofrecer una experiencia cohesionada y enriquecida al consumidor.

The gap between banks that deal with improving the customer experience and that is not growing and technology is key for banks to optimize and create value in communications with their customers and gain competitive advantage.

Advantages of analytical offline for banks

With analytical systems offline it is possible to set key performance indicators and determine the effectiveness of communication campaigns based on measurable data.

By installing equipment offline analysis and WiFi devices and video analytics (and after combining and interpreting the data obtained in both ways), banks can know the behavior and profiles of its customers and adjust their advertising campaigns.

Some metrics of interest for banks are the number of visits and recurrence, the ratio of entry, residence time in office, differences in flow between slots, habits of different age segments, percentage and customer profile they will cash and customers using the ATM and customers who attend more than one office of the entity.

With a monitoring these metrics, you can see the impact of any change in the communication strategy of the bank, and adjust in time some action that is not working as expected.

The digital signage in bank offices

For its versatility and agility to renew messages, digital signage is optimal for the banking sector. In fact, 60% of financial institutions and apply it to boost its brand awareness, advertise their products apart from the competition and promote a cohesive communication in all channels.

In addition, 95% of these entities claims to be satisfied with the implementation of digital displays, an action that results in significant savings in the launch and distribution of promotional material throughout the network of agencies.

If this technology is equipped with video analytics system, the heads of each branch can learn how customers react to each campaign: how many people see an ad ?, what content is most attractive ?, how they work with every demographic ?

La agilidad de este sistema permite actualizar los mensajes con facilidad, en todo momento (incluso de forma remota) y ajustarlos al segmento objetivo. Por ejemplo, si la analítica muestra que entre las 10 y las 12 de la mañana, el 80% de clientes de una oficina son de un perfil determinado, es buena idea que los contenidos emitidos vía digital signage durante esa franja horaria se ajusten al lenguaje y necesidades de ese segmento.

There are also digital signage devices with face detection software that offer a completely personalized and engaging experience at the point of sale, and endow the office of a look & feel innovative and pointer. These screens projected a message or another depending on the age and gender of the person who is in front of the monitor.

App own beacons
For banks, a mobile application is a good tool to communicate with customers, increase their loyalty and explore new ways to improve the consumer experience.

Si el desarrollo de una app propia se complementa con la instalación de beacons, los bancos pueden proyectar contenidos dinámicos y personalizados (como mensajes de bienvenida o información sobre productos relevantes) en las pantallas de digital signage repartidas por la oficina, acompañando a los clientes durante toda su estancia. Asimismo, si el consumidor lo autoriza, también es posible enviar notificaciones a su smartphone.

These devices provide information about customer preferences when moving around the (very important to detect the busiest areas and get the most space) entity, and can provide information office staff can optimize your workday , anticipate customer demands and needs and offer VIP treatment.

360º experience satisfaction surveys

A customer should feel well cared for since he set foot in the office until he leaves. A technology that offers consumers an unforgettable and comprehensive experience are satisfaction surveys, which not only provide feedback to those responsible for the bank, but demonstrate to customers that their opinion is important and is taken into account.

Thus, a way of putting a finishing touch to the experience at the point of sale is to place a tablet on leaving the establishment with a message that encourages customers to express their satisfaction. A simple and very visual option to do so is by offering the ability to click on the drawing of a sad, neutral or happy face.

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By • 21 Mar, 2017
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