Zenith Vigia panelists were located in five tenths less ad spending forecasts for this year that announced in the first quarter, which has not been as positive as was estimated earlier this year.

Moderation in ad spending forecasts in both these quarters as the end of the year, with five points less than forecast last January, are estimates made by panelists Zenith WatchWhich lie in a 4.3% annual growth if this rate is maintained.

Outdoor advertising dynamics remains one of the means for highest growth, with Internet, mobile and pay TV are expected, although the means continue attracting greater investments, and whose evolution remains the best thermometer the state of the advertising market by Zenith Vigia is the generalist television.

Perception indices, very sensitive to any changes fall compared to those obtained in January 2017. Specifically, the IPSE (Perceptions Index of Economic Situation) falls more than eight points and stays in 57.8-a very similar to that obtained in November 2016 and better than those obtained during the last months of the year value.

The IPMP (Perceptions Index Advertising Market) falls harder almost twenty points- and stands at 39.7. Although still a clearly positive value, is well below the IPSE, as noted by the panelists, because advertising is a catalyst for the economy and often acts as precursor of trend changes.

En cuanto a la inversión se refiere, la compra programática representa en estos momentos un 18,2% de la inversión online, una cifra ligeramente inferior a la se obtuvo en enero. Un 23% de los panelistas cree que en los próximos meses ese porcentaje crecerá mucho, mientras que un 71% prevé un incremento mucho más moderado y un 6% estima que no variará.

For its part, investment in online video this year could reach 71.9 million euros, almost 7% more than the estimated figure as close to 2016, while social networks would capture 64.9 million euros in investment advertising, just over 7% above the figure estimated by the panelists. The online audio is also growing, but at a slower pace than the whole digital investment, accounting for 4.1% of the investment.

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By • 29 Mar, 2017
• Section: Studies, Business

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