Zenith Watch agency expects a very positive increase in investment in digital signage in the Spanish market, the second largest after the advertising on mobile phones, which will increase 15.9%.

According to the latest wave of the report DBCI (Digital Signage Business Climate Index), which carries out DSF Europe)OVAB Europe) and invidis Consulting78.9% of the companies of the sector in Spain are very positive expectations of investment in digital signage in the coming months, with a clear increase in the projects that are underway.

According to Miguel Ángel Sunday, responsible for projects of Movilok, company specialized in developing systems and mobile applications, "the future of the sector is very rosy, because these data on the table confirms a significant growth trend, already observed in the previous years".

This positive forecast of the evolution of the market is not just the opinion of professionals or experts in this industry, but also of consumers, who see many advantages in these ad formats. According to the fourth annual survey of digital dignage, presented recently by IAB Spain (More details in Digital AV Magazine), for 90% of the respondents this type of advertising transmitted various attributes, such as modernity and innovation; and to 88% represents originality and differentiation.

In addition, 88% said that this kind of advertising format attracts you more by its content of greater creativity and its updated offerings. In addition, 91% of respondents considered that this improves the image of brands that are advertised; While it is a more modern and innovative image for a 83%, and 71% think that the brand is remembered longer.

On this basis, the Studio also confirms that the degree of knowledge of the mechanisms with which you can interact in these digital media is very high, having been used by 66% of respondents. The main reasons to interact with digital advertising are incentives, including offers and contests, to 18% of respondents; and the content interesting, useful and quality, to 16%.

Another prominent aspect of digital advertising for 43% is to be able to interact with an interactive catalog, while 41% points the advantages of purchasing through the touch screen.

"All these figures and prints on the market of digital signage in Spain reinforced the role of Movilok as a provider of solutions, such as Showcases, that the client can connect to the informative or promotional screens using your mobile phone, making it a remote distance from the content that is displayed", explains this company project manager.

Thanks to the proposal of Movilok, promoted content show is waiting for the customer right at the right time, to allow consumers to connect and discover for themselves what surprise may be hiding digital showcase. For Sunday, "Showcases is a step closer to the 'inbound marketing'; i.e., attract the customer towards us instead of bombarding you with claims and messages, sometimes intrusive, that in today's increasingly more often go unnoticed".

As explained this steering, "Showcases can improve the perception of the client in more moments of your trip. If the establishment has a proposed onmicanal, a showcase with Showcases can act as a central point to direct the customer towards the physical establishment, refer you to the mobile web or towards an app, depending on the action that the client goes to carry out or if the store is open or closed."

Is also very useful when used within the trade, since "can support staff sales offering information about location and prices, operating instructions in the language of the client, downloads, and even other users opinions, supporting the decision of" buy,"says Sunday.

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By • 13 Mar, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Studies, Business, dynamic Advertising