For this action digital marketing SIA Interactive, conducted in establishments this fast food chain has in Argentina, has been used software digital signage DEX Manager to manage all the contents of the screens and tweets that customers sent to achieve 50% reduction.

Both interactive Burger King

SIA InteractiveArgentine solutions specialist digital signage and digital marketing, has made a successful action of digital marketing at the fast food chain Burger King in Argentina on the occasion of the so-called 'stackers day', consisting of a 50% reduction in the price of menus burgers and others.

The company has used for this digital boards menu with establishments to display their products, pricing and promotions as a digital signage system to use, combined in real time with the social network Twitter, so that display real-time messages customers who wanted to achieve their discount Sending hashtag #stackerday and promoting interactive communication.

Management and administration of all content network screens Burger King has been carried out DEX Manager, A powerful digital signage system that updates and distributes real-time content to menu boards establishments, as well as segmenting by time and geographic location.

"From Burger King always looking for innovative ways to engage with our customers and that some of us feel. Therefore we developed with SIA Interactive, an ingenious action that allowed them to express themselves and share their experience in real time with us. Through a special hashtag, could dialogue with the brand, show the best tweets on the screens and get discounts and have a good time, "said Lucina Cabrejas, marketing director of this chain in Argentina.

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By • 18 May, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Dynamic advertising

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