This system has twelve transducers powered full-range of 2.25 "(with response 75 Hz to 14 kHz) in a configuration line array column to provide audio levels consistent and optimal speech intelligibility and music reinforcement full-range, which can be seen these days in InfoComm 2017.

Bose professional Panaray MSA12XDiscrete and modular for use in auditoriums, museums, houses of worship, etc design; Panaray MSA12X model that Bose Professional It presents these days InfoComm 2017 (Stand 4061), it includes twelve internal amplifiers (50W per channel, with a total of 600W) and DSP integrated, which enables digital control and addressing vertical coverage of the array.

Proprietary Articulated Array configuration provides a wide horizontal coverage of 160 ° and independent level control and EQ of two beams for each array, and recording up to ten internal user memory presets.

Panaray MSA12X Dante has network connection Audinat and analog audio input line level.

Bose professional infocomm2017

Its modular design facilitates configuration of up to three MSA12X units forming a vertical array to increase casting distance.

It also integrates pattern control at low frequencies, while thanks to its low profile aesthetics (blank paintable and black) fits any environment when installed on wall with an integrated rotation support up to 90 °.

Available on the market in the autumn of 2017, design, adjustment and beam control is performed by Professional ControlSpace Bose Modeler and software.

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By • 16 Jun, 2017
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