In its motorized stand 84 Led areas and integrated with a semitransparent screen ceiling Matrix 31mm pixel pitch they were installed. Unilumin also had a display of large format and high resolution with a pixel pitch of 2.6. Commercial and promotional actions were carried out from a touch multitouch table and a virtual assistant DigaliX Solutions.

In early July was held at the fairgrounds IFEMA Madrid the 11th edition of the annual meeting that brings together professionals in the field events, Event Days. In this event, organized EventoPlusThey have gone over 2,200 attendees and exhibitors hundred.

Sono He was also present with a stand of 84 square meters which made a montage of kinetic spheres synchronized offering 4 different presets. An experience that attendees could interact creating atmospheres with different shapes and textures. 84 areas for installation Led motorized and integrated with an indoor semi-transparent screen (creative LED) Matrix ceiling 31mm pixel pitch were used.

The contents and reel Sono projects were displayed through the high resolution screen and large format inside Unilumin. A display with a pixel pitch of 2.6 and an area of ​​17.5 square meters.

One of the programming that was used to show the potential of kinetic spheres allowed attendees to see the effect when integrating promotional content, for example, a corporate video with other elements incorporated AV. The content was displayed at a time on the front screen is integrated into the creative Led ceiling and played synchronized with dancing spheres.

Immersive reality 360 was also present in this space, which through a oculus Samsung Gear VR visitors could dive in and experiment with some of the projects that Sono has participated as an audiovisual integrator, including the last event Free Yoga for Oysho or modernist museum grounds of Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona.

Commercial activity and various awards promotional actions were carried out from a touch multitouch table and a virtual attendant, Digalix Solutions, With the two days of the fair were more dynamic.

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By • 14 Jul, 2017
• Section: Display, Events, Lighting, Augmented reality, Simulation

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