As part of the project called integral Humanization of this emblematic area of ​​the Galician city, which includes the modernization and improvement of all urban services in a stretch of 150 meters in length, this circular screen installed in the rotunda of Rosalía de Castro displays information of public interest and serve to relay special events.

With the recent installation and commissioning of the screen-circular fountain with LED technology in the rotunda of Rosalía de Castro, Galician construction and services group Global civil, Awarded the project Humanization of public tender Ayuntamiento de VigoEnds the rehabilitation of the downtown area and provides citizens with new urban services to boost this area of ​​the city.

This large Led circular screen, about 2 meters high and 5 in diameter, representing 24 visual square meters around the source of the roundabout (within 15 meters), is integrated in this ornamental infrastructure with a surface water of about 150 square meters equipped with twenty jets and suppliers that work independently to create schedules with lighting effects.

According to the draft contract, the system has nine LED RGB (3w-24v and 160 × 36 m / m thick) system RGB / DMX control 34 modes, DMX 12 / 24v port with remote management of all working, and a probe for changing the light intensity of the LED display according to the hour and ambient light.

This visual ornamental element displays and information of interest to citizens, such as weather, time, traffic data, messages vigués consistory and dynamic images and videos, although one of the main attractions of the screen is the ability to broadcast events especially sporting events Celta Vigo because this is where their fans are concentrated to celebrate the triumphs.

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By • 17 Jul, 2017
• Section: Cases of study, Display, Lighting

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