At its stand you can see autonomous systems of recording and streaming, as well as automatic tracking positioner Arec TP-100, brand that has recently added to its catalogue; next to the tool to create interactive applications SmartPerform; and the latest AMX represented by SVSi family, the touch panel RoomBook and solution for AV Hydraport connection.

Avit Vision SIMO education 2016

Attendees who attend professional exhibition SIMO Education 2016, which is being held at Feria de Madrid, will see for the first time in Spain the solutions of AREC, whose distribution by Avit Vision was announced recently, and already published in Digital AV Magazine.

AREC TP-100Arec solutions are designed to help design, plan, integrate and implement a system of recording and broadcasting complete, suitable for live training and OnDemand, the transmission of corporate, such as meetings or conferences, and for recording or distribution of audiovisual resources between teams in different locations.

At the stand of Avit Vision you can see their autonomous systems of recording and streaming that allow capturing, mixing, switching, emission and multi-channel recording simultaneously; or positioner TP-100 automatic tracking that 'tracks' the position of the speaker when it moves, whether inside or outside.

The latter is compatible with different types of cameras, including DSC, HD SDI CCTV cameras and network cameras. It can move in horizontally and vertically in a manner automatically, up to a radius of 12 m without objects that hinders it, to follow the speaker and keep it framed during video capture. It is a device suitable for the auto-captura of conferences, educational videos or presentations.

AREC KS-2Furthermore, the autonomous system of recording and streaming en direct Arec KS-2 allows capturing, mixing, switching, broadcast and recording of two channels simultaneously in an external USB storage. Using the 2 mixed or switched channels feature, users can transmit a conference or an event in course to a supplier of services to a web of content live as YouTube or Twitch or streaming, which allows monitoring from any location via the Internet.

This solution supports two synchronized video captures inputs HDMI and VGA, DVI and component via an adaptor. The audio recording is done through inputs stereo jack, 3.5 mm and HDMI.

AREC KS-2 is an autonomous multimedia station which allows you to connect a digital camera and a laptop (1 or 2 video sources) content to make direct transmission and burn easily.

Avit Vision SIMO education 2016

SmartPerform for interactive applications

The Avit Vision booth, visitors will also see the solution smartPerform, a simple but powerful tool drag & drop that generates interactive applications. Ideal for product introductions, information screens in museums and as customized collaboration solution that allows annotations on screen, as well as share content with those attending the meetings and application integration.

This software solution allows to integrate into a multi-touch screen all the information that a speaker may need when carrying out a presentation, videos, texts, images or a PowerPoint, as well as having access to the resources of the room, as lighting, audio, or video conferencing. All in a single custom graphic interface and matches the image of the company.

With smartPerform you can create interactive applications to environments for collaboration and presentation, with a configuration and easy through an intuitive interface and integrated management within the technological infrastructure of the company, becoming in the operating system of any room or space for access through the multi-touch screen, the software applications installed on your PC, view documents, presentations, videos, or access control of the resources of the room.

Avit Vision SIMO education 2016

AMX solutions

The third main protagonist of supply Avit Vision exhibited in this SIMO Education Edition are the latest of AMXas the range of solutions SVSi which unifies the AV switching, control equipment and computer network all-in-one solution fully integrated under IP network; autonomous touch panel for reservations of rooms RoomBook, and the solution for AV Hydraport connection.

SVSi product family includes AV over IP, decoders, transmitters/receivers of audio encoders, network video recorders, processors windows/videowalls by IP and video management systems.

AMX SVSI N1000AV over IP AMX SVSi products support the transmission point to multipoint and distributed to small/large matrix switching and symmetrical/asymmetrical configurations. Video management products manage all devices SVSi and create a complete digital media distribution of each source solution to each screen.

These solutions, which can be deployed in an existing business network or a private download traffic, ensure that the video and audio is delivered optimally through any link or network segment, whether a managed local area network , fiber uplink or low speed Internet connection.

Avit Vision SIMO education 2016It's a family that offers multiple options to control the routing of video and audio, as well as the control of the device, at the end point, through infrared, serial, closure of the relay or TCP/IP.

For its part, the touch panel RoomBook, available in 7- and 10.1-inch version, allow its direct integration with the most popular management systems like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google Calendar calendars without adding hardware.

It is a system designed to locate and easily book a room available in an organization, with the aim of optimising the use of the space. It presents a simple handle interface, from which you can set meetings and the availability of the room you can tell with only position in front of the panel.

AMX HydraPort educationThese touch panels feature the same design family AMX moderated including SmoothTouch technology, showing a bright display of high resolution, wide viewing angle, design of low profile and bright side Leds, easily visible in Green and red.

Finally, Hydraport is an AV junction box that provides seamless connectivity and power for laptops and mobile devices, at the same time, which improves the appearance of the Conference room.

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By • 21 Oct, 2016
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