Qualcomm has developed the first generation of standard Wi-Fi Display, a technology that allows you to send multimedia content that is reproduced on the screen of a device to another device instantly through a direct wireless connection (P2P).

In the last edition of the CES show in Las Vegas, Qualcomm he exhibited his wireless Display technology, which allows the connection between devices with direct wifi signals. That is, that it does not require the existence of a wifi network common to which both must be connected. Thus, this type of connection can be easily at any time and place with the only requirement that both devices are compatible with this technology.

It is not transfer files between devices. Instead, wireless Display capture the screen of the source device and sends it in the form of high definition (1080 p, H.264 encoding) video to the target device, which is displayed to the screen size that corresponds automatically.

Although it is a direct connection between devices the radio signal is protected by the safety mechanism wifi WPA2, so can only decode on the receiver authorized during initial pairing process.

Applicable to numerous devices
Qualcomm promises that the standard Wi-Fi Display will be available this year so that it can start to be implemented on mobile devices with processors Snapdragon S4. The technology that will drive it will be Qualcomm Atheros.

It might be also on Windows Phone phones and later in other devices that can take advantage of it: players and recorders, digital video, projectors, TVs, tablets and mobile phones, among others. Wi-Fi Display can be enabled even in current devices with HDMI connection through a relatively simple and cheap.

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By • 20 Jan, 2012
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