The manufacturer of housings for tablet Bouncepad participated in the installation of more than one hundred tablets Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Samsung in the EDF Energy London Eye, a Ferris wheel has 32 high-tech glass capsules and offers a panoramic view spectacular of the city of London.

Bouncepad It has developed a special version of its robust casing of products for a new project in the EDF Energy London Eye. The 3.6 million people who visit each year the attraction will now learn as they travel over the skyline of the city of London using a custom application that runs on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 of Samsung wide screen, inserted securely and elegant in a Bouncepad Gooseneck adapted.

With six stands for each of the 32 capsules, the London Eye instructed the creation Bouncepad in just eight weeks of 192 housing tailored to the 25, 65cm of Samsung tablet. Each one has a panoramic, interactive application that allows users to learn about the iconic landscape of the capital using the zoom in landmarks and points of interest. The device helps the London Eye to fulfil its commitments of security, access and originality, and allows you to improve the customer experience through the delivery of digital content of high digital quality in a user-friendly format.

Design brand of the Bouncepad Goosenec allows users of all ages, heights and accessibility requirements set the display to the possible more comfortable viewing position, where it remains until it is adjusted again. Unsightly wires are hidden, you can include options to hide the function buttons, making it a very practical Kiosk solution. For installers, however, Bouncepad offers the distinct advantage of the combination of rugged materials like stainless steel and plastics of high performance with the transparency of the radio - which means that it can receive WiFi and 3 G signals. necessary to take advantage of the functionality of modern tablets.

Functional and safe
Davey Barrett, the EDF Energy London Eye Exhibition Services Manager, explained: "we were looking for function and safety, so when Bouncepad team placed its products in a capsule of the London Eye for the first time, it was clear that it was a natural choice. "The design and the simplicity of the Bouncepad complements the aesthetics of the London Eye Ferris wheel, and the company has provided us with a solution made to measure in record time".

Furthermore, Tobi Schneidler, founder of Bouncepad, said that the company "is quickly becoming the solution for those who wish to harness the power of the tablet devices safely without compromising style, and are delighted to's" working with the prestigious London Eye in his latest project. Our modular products are intended to improve the experience of users in all types of environments, and that fits perfectly with the objective of the London Eye offer a new educational experience to their millions of visitors".

The Bouncepad is a flexible tablets that allows companies to install Samsung Galaxy, iPads, Android and other tablets in public places in a safe, elegant and fun way. Suitable for public places, including retail, attractions, exhibitions and offices, the Bouncepads are used to display information of the product, registration of visitors, surf the Internet and deliver an unlimited number of tablet-based solutions all over the world.

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By • 30 Jan, 2012
• Section: Display