Plan UK, Association nonprofit that helps children in poor countries, has launched an original campaign's interactive outdoor in bus that can only be seen by women. For this reason, has been put a digital fence equipped with an HD camera with facial recognition technology in Oxford Street London street that is capable of identifying if the non-resident is male or female.

As part of the actions of Plan UK, which seeks to provide a better quality of life to the children of the world, the NGO has launched the campaign Because I am a Girl-'Because I am a girl' - which aims to highlight the plight of girls the world's poorest. With this campaign, Plan UK aims to raise awareness of society of the potential of girls to build a decent future through education.

Part of the campaign has consisted of an original action of interactive marketing at the bus stop of Oxford Street in London. It has been put a digital fence equipped with an HD camera with recognition technology face, able to identify if the non-resident is male or female.

When the person is a man, shows only the e-mail address of the Foundation, with the intention of showing men how hard that is for women to face gender discrimination. Recognizing a person of the female sex one of the 3 spots in 40 seconds with a testimony of a 13-year-old girl is projected living in poverty, and the Viewer is invited to collaborate with the organization.

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By • 22 Feb, 2012
• Section: dynamic Advertising