New series 550 MIC PTZ cameras of Bosch Security Systems incorporate the standard AutoDome controller interface and capture high resolution images on the most complicated environmental conditions.

Bosch Security Systems He has presented the latest version of its reinforced series MIC 550 PTZ cameras and high speed. These cameras already include the standard driver interface AutoDome from Bosch that facilitates the integration of the MIC series with systems that use the surveillance of Bosch products. The new driver also provides users more precision for the control functions of the camera and the lens.

Series MIC 550 cameras capture images of high resolution in environmental conditions more complicated such as critical infrastructure, transport of passengers or applications in Center cities. Its especially vandal-proof and corrosion-resistant design includes a cast aluminum casing certified IP 68/NEMA 6 p with a brush of long-lasting silicone and a reversible visor. MIC series 550 day/night and infrared models offer extraordinary in the most demanding conditions of monitoring performance.

The cameras MIC series provides resolution 550 TVL with optical zoom 36 x or 28 x for some sharp images even at great distances. Its wide dynamic range is easily adaptable to varying lighting conditions transmitting maximum detail in scenes with both lit and dark areas. In addition a white balance with sodium vapour mode retrieves the original color of the images when they are affected by the lamps in the street or in the tunnels.

The infrared series MIC 550 models have two foci based on infrared LEDs of long duration which guarantee a clear lighting for the vision of the camera up to 60 meters in completely dark environments. The foci are located on the camera head to get lighting exactly where needed. All the MIC series cameras can be mounted right, inverted or lined at 45 degrees without the need of special tools and without affecting the IP degree. This option facilitates and extends the flexibility of installation.

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By • 29 Mar, 2012
• Section: Security