In 2004, Jacinto Icart decided to go one step further to modernize its store, perfumery Icart, located in the District of Sant Gervasi (Barcelona), and installed 4 screens of digital signage (one in each showcase) - supplied by d-retail, company to develop and distribute technological tools for the point of sale, managed by the Prestige program, which allows you to display all kinds of posters and multimedia content on screens. The owner of this centuries-old perfumery says in this interview her experience as one of the pioneers in our country to use a digital signage system.

That decided you to install screens in the windows, at a time when no one did?
When we were offered the program of digital signage we saw right away that it could be a differentiating point from our competition. Icart we care much about the aesthetics of our windows. 90% of the marks that
We sell belong to the selective perfumery or luxury segment. The digital displays are a new element while already 7 years have passed since his placement.

Do you consider yourself an innovator?
Would not want to be pretentious, but yes, we were innovative. Proof of this is that we wake up the interest of our suppliers, which were then provided to collaborate with the sending of images.

Do you think that the digital signage has helped increase sales?
Great question difficult to answer. It is very clear that with digital screens complete the ideal circle for any expert in marketing. We have the product, this is accompanied by the traditional display and we complete the exhibition of the showcase with the digital display that allows us to pass the TV spot and announce the promotion of price. All together insurance that has made us to increase sales. The message is clear and our potential customers, because they have not yet entered the establishment, are more receptors and are interested in the brand of the showcase. Responding to the question, Yes, sales improve.

And it has influenced somehow the relationship with its suppliers? They collaborate on content?
As commented previously, providers immediately collaborated with the sending of images. The image is very important for brands of perfumes and luxury cosmetics. We can not accompany a scent of luxury with an image that cheapen the brand.

It is there to be a computer expert to be able to manage the printed posters and digital signage?
Certainly not. In any case should be tasteful in the design of posters.

With respect to the contents of the screen, is it complicated combine the most generic TV spots with specific promotions of its establishment?
Lol The design of the digital display offers several possibilities. In the pass of the spot well we can occupy the whole of the screen and this is reminiscent of the domestic TV. It is as if you saw the television at home. Another screen design would be the image of the product and the spot to share screen.

Do you think that it is an advantage to using the same applications both for the printed posters as the digital?
Yes of course. The same design serves the support role with all the sizes we are able to print, for both the digital display. No need to design new posters. It is as simple as changing the format.

Do you consider that the investment is redemption?

Do you think that small businesses use adequate signage and marketing tools at the point of sale?
Can you not. It is also true it depends much on the sector to which you belong. Perfumery and cosmetics is image, glamour. My suppliers take care of the image and therefore much collaborate with their customers. Let's say that I have it pretty easy. Anyway, it is always possible to improve. A hand-lettered sign discredits trade that exposes it. The first seller is the showcase and we can not fail. A bad image can do to lose sales.

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By • 3 Apr, 2012
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