The Taiwanese company Acer has added to its catalogue of projectors Acer K330, a LED projector that offers HD Ready images with enhanced color saturation, with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels and a brightness of 500 ANSI lumens. Multimedia features of this projector compatible 3D content allow you to project all content from an SD card or USB drive connected to the projector.

Acer It has brought to market the Acer K330, a LED projector that offers high quality images and extraordinary performance, suitable for those who require high mobility and great power in the projection. Acer K330 allows the user to have everything on a single computer, wherever and when that is, since it has multimedia features to project from its internal memory of 2 GB, SD card, mini-USB to connect other devices such as a mobile phone or a unit USB memory linked to the projector that opens presentations, spreadsheets, and documents, as well as extensions PDF and multimedia files.

In addition, they can be purchased by separate elements as the tiny adapter USB wireless network that provides easy connectivity for users to enjoy content from your PC, even without a VGA cable which connect the projector to the computer. Users can easily insert adapter in USB port to play and enjoy videos without delays.

Its resolution is ready to project images in high definition (HD), besides that it has HDMI output for higher quality. It offers WXGA resolution that focuses on every detail more complex and tiny letters to appreciate details. Users can adjust the level of quality, brightness and more according to the place where the presentation takes.

Energy efficiency

This model represents a management solution of energy respectful with the environment that reduces energy consumption in State of suspension up to 70% when used in ExtremeEco mode. Furthermore, with his lamp LED not only extends its duration by reducing costs, but it also offers brighter images (500 lumens). Its off and ignition is instantaneous.

DLP 3D Ready package provides a high speed of update (120 Hz) to produce a 3D image jumps without experience. 3D technology captures the public's attention and add style to the presentations. The team has the Acer ColorSafe II technology that uses dynamic RGB control to ensure a greater color fidelity with respect to the traditional DLP projectors, with a best of 60 to 130% NTSC color saturation.

Great image quality

DynamicBlack improves considerably the contrast of the image through the dynamic power settings of the lamp to scan frame by frame. Thus, dark scenes are adjusted dynamically at optimal levels without losing its original brilliance, which produces the best image quality possible and up to 4000:1 contrast ratio. In this way a greater intensity and sharpness to long distance on a screen is reached.

This projector features an elegant design in white and grey. The control panel is integrated into the modern silver surface that reflects the craftsmanship of quality of Acer. Lines in the ventilation grille add a sophisticated touch to the team, as well as the soft and rounded, comfortable contours to the touch.

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By • 13 Apr, 2012
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