The architecture of one of the most important symbols of the city of London, the Tower Bridge, will be visible at night during the next Olympic Games thanks to the installation by GE Lighting and Citelum, specially designed for lighting architectural.

The Tower Bridge is so integrated in the urban geography and in the collective subconscious of the landscape of the city of London which seems that it has always been there, on the River Thames. Now, GE Lighting (General Electric) and his partner from the United Kingdom EDF (Electricité de France) have installed a system with LED technology to illuminate the 240-meter-long bridge and turn it into one of the most emblematic points of the city during the celebration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London 2012. During the 45 days of the games that are held this summer, the bridge will reflect the Olympic rings, achieving a huge visual impact for the purpose of marking the cultural richness of the capital of the British Empire. This will be the first time that London Bridge displayed during the night their architectural details.

The new lighting of the bridge has been installed by the French company Citelumthat has designed the lighting of monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Valley of the Kings, in Egypt, and the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The new system is designed to improve the architectural features of the old bridge of 117 years. Multi-colored LED bulbs, of varying intensity, light towers of granite and stone in the Gothic style of the Victorian bridge, as well as the aerial walkway and hanging chains.

It is a system intended to be used during the next 25 years that will help to reduce by 40 percent the amount of energy needed. Lamps provide GE LED technology, which allows various shades of colour which Citelum has taken to mixing many colors of varying intensity. The lights can be adapted to a variety of architectural needs, undoubtedly enhance the architecture of Victorian Gothic-style towers, and making Excel the beautiful texture of the stones around the bridge.

Remodeling project

Phil Marshall, GE Lighting EMEA presidente-CEO, explained: "LED solution is recommended for two reasons: firstly because it is a change to a green lighting;" the overall project will help to reduce the consumption of energy used to illuminate the bridge by 40% compared with the previous system". Marshall added that the other main factor is "the quality of the light. The use of white LEDs reveals the true color of the stone and accentuates the beauty of the metal. "Our Tetra Contour solution provides flexibility in two senses: because you can bend and conform to the forms and the flexibility needed to achieve the performance and energy efficiency that is required".

The flexibility of the lighting design will allow to transform the bridge in a centerpiece for other celebrations and special events, such as the celebrations that have been carried out from 2 to 5 June to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the reign of Queen Isabel II , and for the new year festivities.

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By • 5 Jun, 2012
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