The multinational GE Lighting provide 396 Led projectors of the EF2000 model to efficiently illuminate the Jornalista Mário Filho Stadium, known worldwide as the Maracana, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), during the World Cup in 2014.

Maracanã Rio Stadium

In order to improve visibility, efficiency and image quality for the transmission of television programs, as they mark the requirements of FIFA, Rio de Janeiro's Maracanã Stadium, one of the icons of Brazilian culture and world leader in e. l football, will illuminate with Led technology from GE Lighting during the 2014 FIFA World Cup of football.

This emblematic Stadium, recently renovated and with capacity for 73.531 spectators, the largest in Brazil, will also be in the House greater number of matches during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, seven in total, including the grand finale that It will be held on July 13 of that year.

Maracanã StadiumThis lighting project is the result of the agreement between the construction company of the Brazilian Government - company of public works (EMOP)-; Maracanã Rio 2014 Consortium (Consortium construction Norberto Odebrecht and Andrade Gutierrez companies) and the multinational GE Lighting lighting.

One of the primary requirements of the project was that both the stadium and, mainly, the field of play, had a uniform and shadow-free lighting to offer maximum visibility in any part of the field, both to improve the quality and performance of the players, as the visibility of the spectators and for the retransmission of the signal of high definition television.

Alexandre Ferrari, general manager of GE Lighting in Brazil, has expressed his "pride by bringing our experience to illuminate this monument to world football. We have been present at many moments in the history of the stadium, including its inauguration in 1950, and we are also participating in this new stage, representing a milestone in the development and modernization of the infrastructure of the country."

Maximum visibility in large spaces

Maracanã Stadium

In this sense, EF2000 projectors of GE Lighting chosen to illuminate the stadium allow to control glare and shadows, concentrating the light in the field with the highest quality. These systems use technology of metal halide, with a capacity of 2,000 watts, to ensure maximum visibility on the pitch and in the rest of the stadium.

EF2000 headlamps are specifically designed to illuminate large areas outdoors, such as sports facilities, areas of leisure, airports, facades, etc. complying with the most demanding requirements of FIFA to ensure the optimal visibility for players and fans on the pitch, as well as for the millions of viewers who made it through the television.

GE Lighting EF2000In addition, GE Lighting systems are suitable for systems with extremely high ceilings, since they are designed to reduce glare, as she has already been proven in other stadiums, as Fenerbahçe Ülker Arena in Istanbul (Turkey), which has with these same projectors, as discussed Digital AV Magazine.

The EF 2000 model also allows different adjustable lighting effects and has an ignition system which restarts in just two seconds, about fifteen minutes which usually take another type of light fixtures on the market.

Maracanã stadium is the enclosure that greater number of matches (seven in total) will host during the World Cup in 2014, as well as hosting the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games 2016being the second tourist spot of the city.

Precisely for this reason, the stadium has been completely renovated and is still the largest in Brazil, with a capacity of 73,531 spectators. It now has a whole new bottom ring, with a new slipway to improve visibility, ramps, new seats and a roof that allows you to collect rainwater for reuse. The façade has been preserved since this preserved by national artistic and historical heritage Institute.

Maracanã Stadium

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