Taking advantage of HP solutions, Madrid chef Paco Roncero has created a space 'clandestine', unique in the world, known as PacoRonceroTaller, and in which the culinary art and technological innovation team up to provide an emotional experience complete and unprecedented.

With cutting-edge technology in the design of environments and ambient intelligence, Madrid chef Paco Roncero has devised a unique scenario to create experiences and generate emotions in the culinary field as never before had done. PacoRonceroTaller is the achievement of a dream long thought by this chef, and materialized in the hands of the Repsol guide in collaboration with HP, Land Rover and NH Hotels. This space embodies the values of technological innovation, sustainable development and research or outreach service of gastronomy.

Conceived as a research laboratory, the new workshop is a space for the development of the creative talent of the chef and his team in the design of new dishes as well as a classroom of formation connected to the exchange of knowledge among the elite of the Masters of the kitchen. But it is also a place where up to eight people, and only through an exclusive invitation, be able to live unique experiences under the direction of Paco Roncero.

A unique space

With a 'clandestine' entry full of surprises, which includes a tour of the most hidden corners of the building, the Hall offers the possibility of generating chromatic atmospheres, control temperature and relative humidity, flavoring the environment and offer tailored acoustic experience. Using a tablet PC from HP, the HP Slate 2, a light and sturdy device, Diners can interact with applications developed by the workshop. They will be able to create different scenes commensurate with the culinary discourse, to simulate exotic landscapes, recreate memories of vivid times and create illusions of stories still to live for the visitor.

Research and unique experiences

In the area of expertise are located several tactile desktops HP TouchSmart that accessed a database of workshop olivetolive. Until start tasting the oil, Paco Roncero sample through the team and thanks to an ad hoc designed application, all the olivetolive available in the workshop, showing the information of all the oils selected in a simple way and with simple patting on the screen.

In the area of the back office of the workshop, is one of the most powerful desktops from HP, HP Elite h8 with dual video output. This team is responsible for controlling system-wide automation that makes it possible to create "experiences" of the workshop. And is that the scenes that make up the show are issued through this equipment: broadcast of videos, change, etc. Part of research is one of the keys of the space, for which members of the workshop used laptop HP ProBook 4330s in order to perform internal research work. Powerful and reliable equipment that keep secure information of research while increasing your productivity.

Hisia, a "smart table" about six meters in length manufactured in Keraon and an olivetolive is located in the center of the workshop with 216 specimens for tasting olive oil, ingredient fetish of the workshop on which numerous investigations are made.

Gastronomic revolution

In sum, a gastronomic space of the future that helps transmit the creative author and a «livinglab» potential where, through the study of the reactions and the participation of the people, there will be new creations and proposals likely to be adapted and transferred to La Terraza del Casino in Madrid and other projects of the Cook.

Salvador Cayón, director of Marketing of PSG HP Iberia, has pointed out; "For HP it is a real pleasure to collaborate on a project so innovative and avant-garde as it is PacoRonceroTaller. "This unique space is an example of how the technology plays a vital role in the way in which people discovers, develops, and practice activities that excite you and gastronomic and academics could not be less".


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By • 6 Jun, 2012
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