TransMedia, a new division of the company Vistagrafica responsible for advertising operation and innovation in the media world, has launched Holaapp!, an augmented reality application developed by WION with which you can interact with the advertising of the metro and the bus from Barcelona.


Inside buses and metro of Barcelona has been reinvented as a new and powerful advertising medium that incorporates a service of augmented reality that allows TMB users access to a multitude of multimedia content from your smartphone (see trailers, buy tickets or view catalogues of clothing, among others). The exclusive charge of the exploitation)TransMedia), offers a service pioneer that combines the typical printed posters with new technologies and offers brands and advertisers a tool that will allow a great interaction with users, and a capacity of viralization of contents of a form until now little known.

Smartphones are the cornerstone of this new system and the person concerned has a wide variety of multimedia content in the Palm of your hand. Simply targeting the cartel with the mobile, the user can enjoy several possibilities to consume leisure and make your journey more enjoyable. In that sense, will bid to break with the usual passivity with which users tend to travel and gives the possibility of using part of their daily leisure, taking advantage of the journey time.

HolaappThis has been developed Holaapp! A powerful application of augmented reality whose main characteristic is the ability of interaction between the user and the universe multimedia: connection and web content, tickets to shows, view trailers of movies, weekly purchase or see spectacular 3D images are just a few examples.

This application technology improves the ability of known QR codes, which up to now are only used to link to a particular URL or web address. Augmented reality offers many more possibilities and services for communication in general and advertising in particular.

Apart from this new functionality, Transmedia has a multiple offer stands, both inside the metro and the bus, ranging from simple 100x40cm frame to the decoration of the interior of the bus or metro comprehensively, stand with a great notoriety. The aim is to offer a wide range of possibilities adapted to the needs of each client. Thanks to this wide range, ensures great coverage with an economic impact that is much lower in comparison to other media.

Advantages of this medium with respect to other traditional advertising media:

  • Very large and measurable audience: about 600 million travelers each year.
  • It is affordable and adapted to the current economic situation support aiming to also open the market to the local owner.
  • It has a captive audience for a certain period of time (way) that allows greater interaction between user and advertising message.
  • Thanks to the connectivity and bridge generated between the different media, including the Internet, it has a great capacity of viralization, which exponentially multiplies the potential recipients of the advertising message with the collaboration of WION.

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By • 21 Jan, 2013
• Section: Digital signage, dynamic Advertising, Augmented reality