Krammer Designer used Robe lights to illuminate the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace hosted the concert of a night of summer of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Steal a night of summer 2013 concert Vienna

One of the most important events held in Vienna is the concert of a summer night, offered by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the city. This year, the event was held in the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace. A Baroque environment that needed lighting to be consistent with this scenario described by Unesco as world heritage in 1996. And as in the past four years, was Helmut Krammer designer responsible for creating an environment where action is enhanced rather than highlight the Orchestra as the center of attention. And to achieve this objective aesthetic lighting played a key role.

Krammer has been using the solutions of Robe in its work over the past five years, and for this project returned to bet on its technology, given the reliability and quality of its solutions, essential for installations like this that are outdoors.

You have opted to implement a lighting be merged where practical, with the architectural and ornamental. And to achieve this visual effect you installed around 150 moving lights. Steal technology was used in three key areas: the main stage, the flower gardens located on both sides, and the fountain of Neptune, who was behind the scenes.

Steal a night of summer 2013 concert ViennaRobin MMX WashBeams and LEDWash

For the staging, Robe, through rent Niclen (Germany) company, supplied 54 heads LEDWashes 600, 50 MMX WashBeams, 18 LEDBeam 100s, 16 MMX Spots and five ColorSpot 1200E ATS. And to manage all these systems used two consoles Hog 4.

LEDWash 60 were used to create an environment of colors with shades and lights in the large flower gardens flanking the stage. The small and powerful LEDBeam were placed right at the back of the massifs, both navies, 100s; While the MMX were in charge of producing effects in the fountain of Neptune. The 50 MMX WashBeams were located at the edge of the sources and were used to produce dazzling effects in the air. The ColorSpot 1200E AT system reinforced the lighting of the main stage, alongside other generic, moving lights and LED devices.

Steal a night of summer 2013 concert ViennaLive transmission

In his concert of a summer night, which was held on 30 may, the Vienna Philharmonic offered a repertoire of Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner under the baton of director Lorin Maazel.

The event was broadcast live by television and radio national to the rest of the world through various channels via satellite.

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