The specialist in digital signage DJ3 Canary has developed a circuit of dynamic advertising in new Hiperdino Canarian food chain supermarkets and corporate television.

DJ3 Canary Hiperdino

Chain feeding Hiperdino, based in the Canary Islands, has relied again on the local and specialized in digital signage company DJ3 Canary for the development and deployment of dynamic advertising in its new center of Tenerife and corporate television circuit.

DJ3 Canary HiperdinoThe TV circuit incorporates an integrated system of management of queues that advises, through the screens distributed by supermarket, on the order of shifts of attention in sections of charcuterie, butcher and fishmonger, making the shopping experience more productive and fulfilling customer.

For this reason, DJ3Canarias has installed a total of fifteen professional range of signature screens NEC Display Solutionsas well as three touch systems for management and monitoring of shifts in each section.

DJ3 Canary HiperdinoThis channel offers technology of virtual voice for the generation of messages associated with promotional campaigns and announcements ad hoc, as well as integrated with TV channel music channel.

In this new shopping experience that offers supermarket, customers can compare prices offered by this establishment the direct competition, or even download recipes kitchen and coupons to get discounts at the same location.

Other technological innovations made by Dj3 Canary in this food group has been in the stores Hiperdino Express of the islands of Tenerife and Lanzarote, which were the first to incorporate dynamic advertising displays in their establishments.

Dj3 Canary HiperdinoHiperdino Express TV project aims to provide to these stores of a direct and dynamic communication channel that informs customers and tourists on the supply of products and services. Programming that is displayed on the screens complete with content intended for the tourist promotion of the Islands and this is counted with the collaboration of local councils and councils of the areas in which they are located.

Dj3 Canary has made the integration of the entire system, from engineering to production and content management of the canal, which are displayed in three languages (Spanish, English and German) in order to respond to the typology of public of these centres as well as ambient music integrated with the broadcast of the channel.

DJ3 Canary Hiperdino

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By • 1 Jul, 2013
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