First came the Toronto and is now the flagship of Edmonton. Sport Chek has created a new sports store format in which interactive experiences that allow, through various audiovisual solutions, customers can interact and have an offer more personalized shopping offer.

Sport Chek en West Edmonton Mall

The Sport Chek store, which FGL Sports is located in the commercial center of West Edmonton Mall (Edmonton-Canada), continues the path called store format, Canadian Tire, que la compañía iniciara a principios de 2013 en Toronto. El objetivo es crear un entorno donde la tecnología de señalización digital y las técnicas audiovisuales sirvan de soporte para sumergir a los clientes en una interactiva experiencia deportiva. Un entorno donde los usuarios puedan personalizar sus compras y realizarlas de una forma más agradable.

The flagship of Edmonton, which has an area of ​​about 7,500 square meters, has over 800 screens spread all over the place, of which 470 are singles. They offer, through its 220 channels, product images, offers informative news events in the area. It has also been provided to the local 250 computers, 105 tablets, with 25 large format, and about 112 square meters of digital projection.

DS Sport Chek and Canada

Some of these displays are interactive and show information products sold, with their characteristics, models, colors and stock, as well as videos from various suppliers.

It has also installed transparent boxes that incorporate the latest releases and accompanying digital content that reports its features. All with the goal of creating a personalized shopping experience based digital signage technologies.

Under Armour en Sport ChekEl establecimiento dispone de diferentes experiencias interactivas que interactúan con los clientes y tienen como objetivo promocionar los productos de una determinada marca. Este es el caso de la empresa de ropa y calzado deportivo Under Armour que se ha asociado con Cineplex Digital Networks para ofrecer una instalación digital, basada en video mapping, que muestra una proyección de vídeo con su clásico maniquí ‘Big E’.

"Our new flagship store in West Edmonton Mall is the digital experience at the most advanced and customized retail sector. An experience we wanted to offer customers an attractive and immediate environment to help them buy their sports equipment, "explains Michael Medline, President of Canadian Tire Corporation.

Stratacache It has been the company responsible for this display of touch screens, special testers, testing machines tools and customizable products. Also, its partner in the area, Telus, It has also been involved in this project.

Moreover, and in order to show the interactive features of this shop, Sport Chek teamed up with Lewis Hilsenteger of Terapia Unbox to create 'The World's Largest Unboxing Video' showing the large digital signage project that has been done in the shop.

DS Sport Chek and Canada

Toronto: precursor del formato Canadian Tire

The Telus firm was involved in the first project to Sport Chek Canadian Tire held at his shop in Toronto in 2003 and that meant the beginning of this format digital stores.

"Our goal with the store Toronto lab has been to demonstrate what digital technology can offer to our customers, as they can dip in the sport in the same way as if they were performing the physical activities and sports they like best. For this reason, we built a store that matches the intense passion that Canadians have for sports, "said Michael Medline, President of sporting goods FGL Sports Canadian Tire Division.

DS Sport Chek and Canada

On a space of 1,580 square meters, the store has installed 140 screens Samsung spread throughout the property, as well as small-format displays framed display tables and tablets that have been incorporated into the top of the brackets clothes.

Toronto shop also has a large projection screen of 5 × 21 inches with four panels and in which video is displayed live supplying projectors Panasonic.

In addition, there are also dedicated to customize different brands selling their product elements. So, Reebok has a digital kiosk where you can design custom shoes and make the purchase from the screen itself. Adidas has a digital wall with the full range of its catalog of shoes, which is accompanied by information and videos of each.

DS Sport Chek and Canada

Moreover, next to the escalators they were installed 19 screens displaying interactive promotions and offers, and thanks to the Xbox Kinect technology is activated.

All store is fiber optic cabling, supplied by Creston, allowing the flexibility that is required to make the changes live content. Changes that may be made by employees from their tablets Samsung Galaxy. This digital content is controlled and managed from an installation in the city of Calgary (Canada). Meanwhile, Stratacache provided the software and digital signage players.

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By • 4 Mar, 2014
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