To provide a reliable distribution of the signal of audio and video, as well as the control of the system within the new building, it has relied on the XTP Systems and touch screens, Extron TouchLink.

Extron Trimble Navigation

Trimble Navigation It offers a wide range of products and positioning technologies used in maps, surveys, public safety, agriculture, construction and management of resources. To accommodate operations teams and engineering in the region of the Pacific Northwest, the company has built a building of four floors and 11.613 square meters in its 60.702,846 meter cuadradosen Westminster, Colorado campus. Facilities include a divisible training area and 37 meeting rooms.

To design systems AV of the new building was the consultant of audio and video, K2 Audio, while installation, the Integrator Whitlock was commissioned.

After consulting with the business development team and the architect of the building, K2 Audio selected the XTP Systems and TouchLink touch screens of Extron to provide a reliable distribution of the signal and the control of the system within the new building.

Extron Trimble Navigation

Training Zone

Extron Trimble NavigationThe training area is a space divisible into three sections, which is also used for corporate meetings, ranging from exclusive collaborations with the seller to events type Assembly.

Each room has a DLP projector Panasonic high definition and a portable lectern with AV connectivity and a flexible microphone. Many floor boxes allow each lectern placed in the best place, depending on the size of the room and the seating arrangement.

A switching matrix XTP configured with 12 × 8 Extron CrossPoint 1600 provides routing of the signal of video, audio, and bi-directional control more Ethernet extension for all configurations of space.

K2 Audio selected the XTP Systems due to its reliability, transmission distances supported well above the required 52 meters and provide simplified integration. In addition, the modular design of the XTP CrossPoint switching matrix offered Trimble an easy upgrade.

XTP card HDMI input provides local connectivity to a Comcast HD tuner and a Blu-ray SamsungWhile two twisted pair XTP CP input boards 4i support remote connections in any of the boxes of soil. For the distribution of audio rack, stereo audio analog XTP CP 4th SA output card provides routing audio to the room sound system.

To comply with the requirements of connectivity and Trimble format, the end-user entry points needed to support HDMI and VGA existing sources, in addition to be able to fit in the floor boxes. Two inputs XTP T UWP 202 Extron transmitter met their criteria and was installed in each room.

Extron Trimble Navigation

Automatic switching function allows to simplify input in locations without manage, eliminating the need for user interaction. The functions of EDID settings and embedded audio of these transmitters also has proved to be quick and easy for technicians, increasing even more the efficiency of the installation.

Also, also a receiver Extron XTP SR HDMI scaler has been mounted in the ceiling above each projector to ensure that the optimum resolution is always shown. In addition, the RS‑232 inclusion of the switching matrix, along with the relay integrated in the receiver benefited from the ability to send multiple signals over a single twisted pair cable, simplifying the wiring and control offering full the projector and the screen.

The capacity of the XTP CrossPoint 1600 to provide power to the XTP Extenders via the same twisted pair cable reduced the number of required AC outlets in the space, saving time and total cost of the project. "Has been used Extron tool online, XTP System Builder, to validate the design and confirm that the switching matrix can send power to the number of transmitters and receivers XTP that must be installed in the area of training", explains Kevin Hodgson, K2 Audio Hodgson consultant.

Extron Trimble Navigation

XTP System Configuration Software

To configure the XTP CrossPoint switching matrix, Whitlock has used the XTP System Configuration Software. The views tabbed within the program have allowed to make more effective linkages of I/O management, EDID entry and remote power on the ends.

"Configuration of XTP software has made integration and start-up of the system quick and direct. We can configure and check the entire installation from a laptop", says Dean Jensen, Whitlock project manager.

Trimble support staff has also appreciated the embedded Web interface, using the same software for monitoring systems in the process, the configuration, control and remote management. "It has given us a great resource with all the data needed to monitor the system, and although I have not had any, I know exactly where go to solve problems", says Kim Davidson, Trimble facilities engineer.

TouchLink touch screens

Divisible area includes three touchscreens TouchLink TLP 350MV of Extron. The functions assigned to the eight buttons customizable backlit for touchscreens include activation and deactivation of the system, source selection and control of the projection screen.

The source is selected from a 3.5-inch color touch screen, and the remote control provides precise adjustment of the volume. The efficient design of this touch screen wall-mount has complemented the aesthetics of this space which is used very frequently, and has offered a practical access to all AV system control from the wall.

Trimble has appreciated the functions of energy saving screen touch TLP 350MV, especially the way with inactivity timer and motion sensor that activates the unit when someone touches the touch screen. Wall-mounted touch screens use PoE (Power over Ethernet), which further reduces the number of AC outlets and necessary network connections that support the divisible space.

IP Link IPCP 505 of Extron control processor allows system control from each one of the touchscreens. The bi-directional ports RS‑232 provide monitoring and simultaneous bi-directional control of all AV devices in every room settings.

When one or both divisions are removed, the touch screen associated with the middle room is used to control the content and the presentation in the combined space sound. This flexibility supports the greatest number of possibilities of seating arrangements, from separate mass meetings training sessions.

AV systems, designed to provide a similar experience in the whole building, are also easy to replicate in Trimble's worldwide offices.

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