Comprising P7305, P7505 and P7605 models, the Acer projectors P7 series offers Full HD resolutions with a brightness of 5,000 lumens. They can be placed on a table or hang from the ceiling and are adapted to all types of rooms, from small rooms to large auditoriums.

Acer P7 Series

The new line of professional projectors P7 of Acer They provide a great image quality with a brightness of 5,000 lumens and can be used in different types of rooms, from small rooms to large auditoriums meeting, since they allow great flexibility of display diagonal, ranging from 20 to 300 inches, with a projection distance ranging from one meter. In addition, they can both placed on a table or hung from the ceiling.

The P7 series is formed by the models P7305, P7505, and P7605 presenting as main difference to its resolution. While the first offers a native quality of 1280 x 800 pixels for an aspect 16: 10, the P7505 allows Full HD (1920 x 1080) 16:9 native resolution and the P7605 reaches the 1920 x 1200 pixels with a ratio of 16:10.

Acer P7 SeriesThese Acer DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors incorporate two technologies that improve the quality of the image: ColorBoost II + and ColorSafe II. The first consists of a color wheel with an optimized design in six segments and a new image processor; While the second eliminates the loss of color due to prolonged use and take advantage of DLP technology to ensure the integrity of the image.

In addition, also include different technologies that allow energy savings, as EcoProjection which reduces consumption in standby mode, the function auto-Eco which automatically positioned him in Eco mode if team does not record input signal to five minutes, and ExtremeEco that reduces the consumption up to 75% and allows the lamp life to reach 4,500 hours.

They also have lens shift functionality to accommodate the image horizontally or vertically without moving the projector chassis, avoiding any distortion. Keystone correction operated in plus/minus 40 degrees vertically.

In terms of connections, the P7 series incorporates three inputs HDMI digital video and connectivity for D-sub dual, supporting up to two computers at the same time, thanks to its two VGA connectors.

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By • 30 Apr, 2014
• Section: Projection