A Philips intelligent lighting solution is being installed on Avenida Paral·lel in Barcelona and is managed remotely from the control centre. Systems that incorporate RGB LED projectors, sensors and Wifi connection.

Philips CityTouch Smart Lighting

Within the framework of the celebration of Smart City Expo World Congress 2014, the new intelligent lighting system of Philips that is being undertaken on Paral·lel Avenue in Barcelona.

It is a column that incorporates road light, pedestrian and ornament, and has a system that allows point-to-point control of the luminaires that will be installed on the avenue, with specific software, managed from the control center. When the redevelopment works are completed, the area will have 334 light points with independent control in a total of 182 Columns.

This new lighting follows the criteria of the Lighting Master Plan, that is being implemented in the city, with the aim of promoting energy saving and optimisation of consumption, while improving the light sensation of the city, increasing the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. The new versatile lighting column, provides various types of lighting: the functional one for sidewalks and roadways, and the ornamental or scenic, all LED-based.

Philips smart lighting in Paral lel

This column of 9 meters high and galvanized steel will also act as a support for communication and information elements (TIC) Staying, at the same time, Wifi coverage points and environmental sensors, among other municipal services. Functional lighting shall be controlled point-to-point by means of control units in the column and dashboard.

This system will allow to regulate the light levels and control the operation of each of the luminaires, using CityTouch software, from the city's lighting control center.

Philips CityTouch solution transforms lighting by making it dynamic, smart and fully flexible. With this application it is possible to manage the lighting of an entire city by planning, control and management of all lighting infrastructures. It is a highly energy efficient solution that gives every part of the city a living life.

The illumination of the road and the bike path will be carried out by means of two independent LED light points located on the arm of 2,5 metre, while that of the sidewalks will be made with vertical LED luminaires located at 5,5 meters embedded in the column post. Thanks to the use of specially designed optics, it is achieved for the first time to illuminate a sidewalk of more than 5 meters with a vertical element.

The lighting of the squares will be produced by vertical LED luminaires embedded in the column a 5,5 meters high.

Philips smart lighting in Paral lel

RGB LED Projectors

For ornamental and scenic lighting, the installation of RGB LED projectors is foreseen that will be placed at the top of the column. The projectors intended for this type of lighting will be controlled with an independent system that allows to project a variable shade of color and intensity with the possibility of remote and real-time control of these elements.

Ornamental projectors can be controlled to depict a dynamic light scene on significant dates. In addition, the possibility of installing still image projectors on the pavement in certain columns is foreseen. Al Paral·lel will be installed 151 RGB projectors and 12 Gobos.

Wifi sensors and accesses

Regarding telecommunications, the new Paral·lel column incorporates different sensors and Wifi access points, that will benefit from the new fiber optic network that has been extended on the avenue. It is planned to implement a network of sensors (audio, people count, vehicles and bikes) for the measurement of different environmental aspects.

The element that will be installed in the center of the pedestrian crossings will allow to incorporate traffic service cameras at the top. It is also possible to install traffic light elements on the poles themselves.

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