With multiple applications for professional audio, AV and broadcast installations, Creative Promoters has upgraded their Mayah device with a Mayah Centauri III-3001 audio encoder and gateway unit, with the CIM-40 4-line ISDN adapter.

Mayah Centauri III 3001 Creative Promoters

Plug &play simplicity, broad compatibility and efficient performance define the system Majah Centauri III-3001, which the Spanish company Creative Promoters has been adopted as an update to its Mayah equipment for a wide range of professional applications.

The Mayah Centauri III-3001III codec is a powerful tool with a multitude of applications for professional audio, AV and broadcast, as it incorporates the latest isDN or X.21 compatible audio over IP technologies for use as Studio-Transmitter-Links (STL's), in control rooms, mobile units, recording studios and radio.

Two separate Ethernet interfaces and four ISDN BRI (512 Kb) allow a platform for secure, high-quality and versatile audio distribution. Features such as redundant streaming, automatic backup, and SIP-ISDN gateway capability are part of the Centauri core.

Mayah Centauri III 3001 Creative Promoters

One of its advantages is that it is compatible with virtually all coding algorithms within the broadcasting industry, from G.711/G.722 and MPEG-1 Layer2/Layer3 to MPEG-4 AAC / HE-AACv2, along with the latest Opus low encoding algorithm Delay. It also supports the various high-quality Ultra Low Delay algorithms, such as Enhanced apt-X (optional), as well as uncompressed linear audio (PCM), which can be monitored, controlled and configured via the LCD display on its front panel.

This device is especially useful as a gateway for switchable audio contribution links. Thanks to its compliance with the EBU Acip standard and the extensive support of the SIP protocol, connections to any standards-based IP codec can be easily established.

Centauri III 3001 offers both analog and digital inputs and outputs for mono or stereo operations and multi-channel (point-to-point) operations over IP, ISDN or X.21 (optionally), making it a powerful tool for control rooms, broadcast and recording studios, which support up to 24-bit audio quality at 96 kHz with uncompressed signals and optionally Enhanced apt-X. DHCP, ACIP EBU (Tech 3326), audio-over-IP, Dual Ethernet, etc.

As Miguel Angel Rodriguez of Creativos Promotors explains, "Mayah offers, in addition to the speed of response, the ease of configuration and its adjustment, ideal for our work and with Spanish in language selection, with a simple adaptation to any type of machine."

Mayah Centauri III 3001 Creative Promoters

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By • 9 Dec, 2014
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