Accessibility Scan is a native solution Android, developed by BQ and Limbika in collaboration with BJ adaptations, which allows people with mobility problems to use a tablet without having to touch the screen.

Limbika and BQ Accessibility Scan

Limbika Y BQ they have developed the native solution Accessibility Scan that allows people with severe mobility limitations to interact with smartphones and Android tablets. A tool that seeks to break the barriers of access to technology.

Its use is simple, just put the appliance on a stand, like a bed, table or a wheelchair, connect it to a device, placed near the part of the body with more mobility of the user, and activate the application.

With this peripheral, persons with limited mobility (such as cerebral palsy, als or tetraparesis) overcome their main barrier to use a tablet or smartphone, that is touching the screen with your hand.

Once activated Accessibility Scan, interaction with the device is done through a system of sweeps. A shaft down the screen until the user as for pressing the peripheral. After this, a second axis shaped circular diana moves horizontally until the user stops it. In this way, you select the point of intersection between the two coordinates.

Limbika and BQ Accessibility Scan

With this scanning system, people with mobility limitations can surf device and Internet, play all kinds of content or, even, play.

Accessibility Scan has an abbreviated navigation menu through which the user can drag and drop, double click, hold an area of the screen or scroll, all without touching the screen. It also includes a wizard that allows you to exit the mode Accesibility momentarily to facilitate the task of the therapist and a keyboard adapted based on the frequency of use of the letters, which facilitates the writing.

In this project, Limbika has contributed its knowledge about the development of enabling technologies and BQ has contributed with its experience in integration of firmware. For its part, BJ adaptations It has provided the necessary hardware solution for the interaction with the application.

Accessibility Scan will be included in all the Android tablets of BQ as one option in accessibility.

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By • 25 Mar, 2015
• Section: Control, Display, Health