The technology will be key element of the Festival de Eurovision 2015 with Microsoft as leading partner, that will bring its Azure cloud platform to share audiovisual content with more than 45 television networks, offer on-demand video and host the app's Eurovision Song Contest. In addition, the Organization of the event used smartphones Lumia and the social network Yammer to coordinate all the members of the team.

Eurovision 2015 scenario

Microsoft It will be the technological partner of the Song Festival of Eurovision Song Contestto take place in Vienna (Austria). The popular international event, which will be held under the theme 'Building bridges' (Building Bridges), has been marked as essential work employ the technology to go beyond geographical and cultural borders. Quite a challenge for a world event that has 200 million viewers and collects millions of votes, transmits data in real time and coordinates more than 1,700 journalists, 800 volunteers, 45 television networks and various partners.

The Eurovision Song puts to the test the enormous challenges in organisation and communication associated with an event of this magnitude in a connected world. "The biggest advantage of Microsoft is its ability to adapt its innovations and technologies to the needs and demands having the Eurovision Song Festival", said Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the European Broadcasting Union for the Festival Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision 2015 scenario

Azure, the Microsoft cloud platform, will fans enjoy a video-on-demand platform and will allow organizers to distribute content for more than 40 broadcasters from around the world. Azure will also host the official app of the Festival for the nearly 200 million people from 45 countries to follow and voting actions.

In addition, the Organization of the event used smartphones Lumia and the social network Yammer to coordinate all the members of the team, composed of 1,000 workers in 40 countries, 1,300 international delegates and 800 volunteers.

Yammer, social corporate Microsoft network that encourages collaborative work and productivity, will provide support to the production team to coordinate his staff both before and during the show. With this platform involved in the Organization, wherever they are, will share the necessary information about the Festival and each one of his performances.

Eurovision 2015 scenario

For its part, Microsoft Azure, which integrates a suite of integrated services for computing, storage, data, networks, and apps, is the centerpiece of the computing infrastructure of the Eurovision Song Contest. Azure for web sites solutions and data storage to the production team provide the means needed for the exchange of information with 45 television channels from around the world, as well as ensuring the uninterrupted operation of a solution of video a la carte.

The Apps also have a role in ensuring communication to spectators, delegates and volunteers. The official implementation of the Eurovision Song permanently keeps supporters on the latest news related to this TV show, since it becomes a screen that provides the user's device live updates during the event. In addition, it will allow that users could vote more easily and quickly. It will be available for Windows, Android, and iOS.

In addition to the application for viewers, has also developed an app especially for internal use, which aims to facilitate communication and the tasks of the people who work in the organization. It is expected that these applications that are supported in Microsoft Azure, are used by 500,000 users simultaneously.

Lumia 535 smartphones will be available for volunteers, who are responsible for providing assistance and serve as a guide to delegations from European countries and journalists from all over the world. To facilitate the realization of its functions and so that they have the necessary, up-to-date information, Microsoft will provide them, both to them and to the delegations, with a total of 800 devices.

Eurovision 2015 scenario

Led star of the Wiener Stadthalle

Saturday, May 23 will be the grand final of the Eurovision Song year 2015 that will be held in the Austrian city of Vienna, specifically its stage will be located at Wiener Stadthalle, a building dating back to the 50′s and that was diseñad or the architect Roland Rainer.

The ORF, company of public broadcasting in Austria that are responsible for the production of the show, together with the EBU has revealed how will be the setting for this occasion, which is in the process of construction, and that is made clear, once again the technology that will be very present in all aspects of the event.

In the audience of the Wiener Stadthalle you are installing an infrastructure composed of 1.288 cylindrical pillars that form what will be part of the scenario that resembles a large eye. An eye to be displayed as a portal that will serve as a bridge between artists, their delegations and the public. The structure of this large eye will reach 44 meters in width and 14.3 of high and 22 deep.

"The vision for 2015 Eurovision Song Festival is the bridge between present, past and future. The eye is a symbol of this bridge. A mutual respect between cultures, countries and people", explains Kathrin Zechner, director of TV ORF.

These cylindrical pipes feature, on the front of a Led screen which will be in charge of producing the effects that recreate the atmosphere of each performance, as the representative Spanish Edurne who will be performing the song 'Sunrise', and that is they will reflect on the 11 meters in diameter on the stage. This infrastructure is completed with one wall consisting of Led screens from 22 meters wide and 8.5 meters in height that will be placed in the back of the stage.

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