Eighty rooms of the courts have been equipped with retractable monitors from Albiral Display 15 inch in combination with a solution for video conferencing, viewing documents and a set of audio for discussions.

Albiral courts in Jahra and Farwaniya

The architectural style used in Jahra and Farwaniya justice complex to reflect the strength and transparency of the judicial system in Kuwait. The two buildings of the courts have 80 rooms each, with administrative and governmental offices, 23 conference rooms, cafes and public spaces. This huge complex equipped with the latest technology occupies an area of 2,000 square meters, with natural lighting thanks to its many windows and its large glass façade that floods of light building.

These courts have been fitted with 15-inch retractable monitor of ALBIRAL Display Solutions in combination with a solution for video conferencing, viewing documents and debates audio system. The result is a solution for judges and lawyers set up by the system integrator Intelligent Services.

Albiral courts in Jahra and Farwaniya

Albiral monitors reliability, diagnostic and remote control option and the experience of the company in the realization of projects large-scale were the key factors to select the brand to execute this project.

"During the past three years we have been working with Albiral in the project of the Ministry of Justice of Kuwait, a project for the creation of two new courts of Justice Headquarters. This is still the driving force behind this project and from Intelligent Services, we believe that the collaboration of this company has been key to its success,"says Ahmed Al-Sayyad, Coordinator of the project.

Eighty rooms of the courts of Jahra, Farwaniya, situated in the Centre of Kuwait, have been equipped with monitors retractable Dynamic2 and work with a patented system of raising and tilting. Produced in steel, these 15-inch equipment connections include DVI with HDCP compliance. They are silent, robust and maintenance free.

Albiral courts in Jahra and Farwaniya

Albiral monitors only appear when they go to use by pressing a button. They are an optimal solution for video conferencing and view video tests and the necessary documents in court proceedings.

Monitors can control and diagnose remotely through the ERT interface Albiral, that makes the installation faster, eliminating the need for boxes of transmission external or additional plugs. It also offers other features such as sending equipment status reports via e-mail.

The AHnet program makes control very easy, as well as the installation and maintenance and offers information on each screen, allowing local or remote review of up to 900 monitors simultaneously.

Jahra and Farwaniya Court

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By • 10 May, 2018
• Section: Audio, AV Conferencing, Study cases, Display, Telepresence / Videoconferencing