In your Klece control center, the electric operator of Slovenia, Eles, has backed eyevis for visualization solutions, comprising 6 EC-70-LWXT-1000-CP, the controller of videowall netPIX NPX-4908-D12 and eyeCON software screens.

Eyevis in Slovenia Eles control center

The company of electricity in Slovenia Eles, responsible for controlling and managing the distribution of this energy network, has a wide range of fixed assets which represent the backbone of the country's energy transmission network.

As part of their business, they are decided to introduce an effective strategy for the management of assets, including the creation of a diagnostic and Analysis Center in Klece, near the capital Ljubljana. The main tasks of this control center is the monitoring and diagnosis of systems from the power supply, as well as everything that refers to the maintenance and planning of the network and it-related equipment.

In cooperation the provider of audiovisual technologies and automation systems, RAP-ing, eyevis you have installed in the center of diagnosis and analysis of Klece six EC-70-LWXT-1000-CP 70-inch screens, a video wall controller netPIX NPX-4908-D12 and eyeCON software, with which architecture is configured and managed the distribution of signals and contents.

Eyevis in Slovenia Eles control center

The EC-70-LWXT-1000-CP is a DLP cube with Led rear projection that provides a native resolution WUXGA (1920 × 1200 pixels). EC-LWXT-1000 series panels use Cluster-Led lighting technology and are designed for applications that require reliable operation 24 × 7.

The installed system is compatible with the system of monitoring of Eles and allows fast and effectively respond to problems and emergency situations.

The audiovisual content is switched by a DVI matrix switcher, which is administered by a central control of Crestron. From here also the lights, blinds and the energy of the Center are regulated.

To reduce heat and noise, and facilitate the maintenance of computers, all the workstations have been installed in a server room. Eles uses matrix KVM solution to transmit data from the workstations to each of the eight monitors that are in the tables of the operators.

The control centre can be divided into two rooms that can be used completely independently one from the other in emergency situations. In the same way, the system can also be divided into two parts, thereby providing additional benefits and extending its functionality.

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By • 26 Aug, 2015
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