With the objective of designing and integrating an audiovisual system advanced in a single product, the company added three new sizes to its range of arrays of switching with climber DTP CrossPoint 4K, 82, 84 and 86 4 k for configurations in 8 × 6, 8 × 4 and 8 × 2 respectively.

DTP Extron CrossPoint 4K

DTP CrossPoint 86 4K, DTP CrossPoint 84 4K and DTP CrossPoint 82 4K are the new models that Extron It has added to its range of switching matrix to simplify the design and installation of an AV system with flexibility for multiple applications, reducing the total cost of ownership.

These new system come with matrix switching 4K (for inputs and outputs); climbers with Extron Vector 4K technology; switching seamless, integrated DTP and extension of signal XTP, as well as audio and AEC capabilities and advanced control processor DSP.

For Casey Hall, Vice President of sales and marketing for Extron, "add to our matrix switching DTP CrossPoint 108 4K these three new sizes of array means system integrators offer greater flexibility in the choice of I/O configuration best is" suits every AV system Powerful capabilities and versatility of the DTP CrossPoint switchers streamline the integration of essential components of the system in a wide range of environments".

DTP model 86 CrossPoint 4K incorporates four climbers, while DTP CrossPoint 84 4K and DTP systems CrossPoint 82 4K have two climbers, with technology scaling Extron Vector 4K (with 30-bit processing), which are matched to the DTP outputs and They allow independent scaling up to 4 K.

The DTP of couple stranded for inputs and outputs provide a remarkable flexibility in the distribution of AV and control, that can be used to connect to any screen with HDBaseT entry, or in an XTP system throughout the facility for centralized Add other audiovisual systems.

Integrated audio DSP technology offers all the tools and audio processing capabilities of a professional external system, such as Extron DMP 128. All models DTP CrossPoint 4K include four independent channels of high-performance AEC for conferencing applications, as well as a port of digital audio between the DSP internal to a DMP 128 for expanded I/O capacity.

All models feature a processor's integrated control Extron IP Link, which provides complete and customizable control of a complete audiovisual system, including all source devices and visualization, as well as lighting, blinds, projection screens and sensors, among others.

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By • 29 Oct, 2015
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